October 5

Why Your Mindset Matters – in Just 7 Minutes with JM Ryerson

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The result of changing your habits, mindset and your life
  • Why it's important to be intentional on what you're trying
  • Why everyone needs to 'win'


Related Links and Resources:

If you go to www.letsgowin.com then on the front page you will see the work, home, life balance free worksheet that JM does every single month at a minimum. It's a free tool that everyone can use.


JM Ryerson is a Performance and Mindset Coach, host of Let’s Go Win Podcast, and Author of the Amazon Best Seller "Let's Go Win, The Keys to Living Your Best Life" and “Champion’s Daily Playbook”. He coaches Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Teams on peak performance and how to live their best lives. His passion is to help others succeed at work, at home, and in life by offering simple tools that provide a work/life balance.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

JM told us that he put his clients into 3 buckets: can't, won't, or don't know how. They could be team leaders or entrepreneurs, it can be just people who don't know how to get to the next goal or simply don't know how to click their team culture together. He tells us that changing your habits, mindset, and your life are all intertwined. Sometimes it's just small challenges habitually that are just getting in the way, because they are not setting intentions every single day, or perhaps they are not being active in the 3 major things that they should be doing. Once you get that clarity, it's just a matter of executing. Because of this, they start to feel frustrated about not getting the what they deserve after putting much effort. If you are willing to do the work and you're just not getting the results, find that coach that can see it from the outside perspective. Even small tweaks can really allow you to flourish. The mistakes that JM sees is that these folks are not intentional on what they're trying to accomplish; letting something or someone else run their own agenda. If the first thing you do when you wake up is check your phone or open the TV, then you are letting CNN or Fox (for example) run your agenda, or you are letting Facebook or Instagram run your agenda. You have to be very diligent or cognizant of what you want to accomplish today and why you are doing that. JM has a strong passion for helping other people win because he believes that it can also lift other people to win. The goal of their company is to help people live their best lives.

JM’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

Set your intention every single day, and what are the 3 things I have to accomplish today. Write it down and look at them. It's simple but it can be life altering for you.

Change your habits, change your mindset, change your life" – JM Ryerson

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