May 12

Why You Need a Systematic Approach to Revenue Growth – in Just 7 Minutes with Jose Palomino

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Knowing what's 'revenue throughput'
  • Applying the right growth for your company
  • Realizing that your business is a 'system'


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If they go to, you will get an access to the free demo that they do once a month, that will describe the 3 core principles that they can think for themselves and start to apply them. It will then unlock revenue for your own business


Jose Palomino has lived at the crossroads of B2B strategy, marketing, and sales for the past 20 years--which means he's an expert in guiding business owners through the complex process of revenue growth. Through his decades of experience, he created the Revenue Throughput System™ and has helped over 100 B2B businesses unlock over $250M in new growth.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

He ideally likes to work with the owner-operator of a B2B business; it's not private equity or not publicly held, but an owner who goes every day to run the business. Jose tries to help those folks when their revenues become stuck, and we call this lack of 'revenue throughput'. Meaning the revenue is not flowing through the business the way it should. Frustration starts to build when you feel like you are not being appreciated by your customers; it's when you are being 'squeezed' by price reduction continuously, that even your best customer is asking for that 5% price reduction. In addition, he sees that there are many offers out there about growing your business, and so you may end up doing one thing that may or may not help them. When you realize that your business is a system, you have to optimize that system to create value to your customers. The more valuable you are, it will affect how your customers think about your business and whether they want to continue doing business with you.

Jose’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get one piece of paper, a pen, and carve 20 minutes of your time to write 10 reasons you think why your best customers are doing business with you. Then, strike out those items that your competitors can make equally credible claims (in the mind of your buyer) and whatever you're left with, that will be the hook for your value proposition, that's what sets you apart.

They're not looking at their business as a system, so they end up dealing with just the 'symptom' and never the cause" – Jose Palomino 

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