October 12

Why you don’t want an IT project, but a business change project – Greg Mader

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, Bill Prater interviews Greg Mader, who shares insights on why businesses should focus on business change projects rather than IT projects. Greg, who started helping in his family business at a young age, now helps other businesses grow by utilizing technology to solve complex business problems. He is the founder of Open Source Integrators, a company that specializes in building business management systems for manufacturing, field service management, and distribution companies.

During the interview, Greg discusses the specific clientele his company serves, which includes startups in manufacturing or new products, as well as established businesses like a 300-year-old family-owned business in North Carolina. He highlights the shared problems faced by these companies, such as being held back by multiple disconnected IT systems and the need for a unified system that provides a clear and accurate view of the business operations.

Greg explains that his company implements enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to address these challenges. He shares a case study from his grandparents' business, Audio Systems, where he experienced firsthand the difficulties of managing inventory, shipments, and installations using manual processes. Implementing an ERP system helped streamline their operations and improve decision-making.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the importance of business change projects and how technology can drive growth and efficiency in businesses.

Company site:

To get in touch with Greg visit his website: https://www.opensourceintegrators.com/

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