January 11

Why remote hiring is the key to business growth – in Just 7 Minutes with Noel Andrews

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Hiring the A-players
  • How to make your job post stand out
  • Why you need to hire from Eastern Europe


Related Links and Resources:

Noel offers an actionable, comprehensive, way to hire remote employees guide. It's completely FREE, you can head over to https://jobrack.eu and check the resources section. It's literally how they hire. It's all the action steps that you need.


Noel Andrews is the owner of JobRack.eu where he helps business owners hire high quality remote team members from Eastern Europe. Working with online businesses of all sizes Noel’s superpower is being helpful and friendly and guiding people through one of the hardest things any business owner ever has to tackle….hiring great people.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Noel has shared with us that ideally, he works with clients who have an online business that needs to grow, and they need the right people that's going to drive the business. They work a lot with online agencies, SAS businesses, service providers, or basically anyone who can grow through developers, designers, customer service, SEOs, or high-quality assistants. And Noel's team are helping these folks to hire the A-players, those who're really going to take away the pain from you. 

Usually, these busy owners or businesses are too busy and therefore not getting things done that they need to and therefore need to hire. Or, they may have started the hiring process and have thrown money on job boards or services, recruiters asking for a big fee. They might end up doing the whole hiring process themselves and hire someone out of desperation and who isn't capable of doing the job. They are really not giving enough time and energy to do the hiring. Another mistake that business owners do is not sell the benefits and opportunities to potential candidates. Most try to hire by themselves instead of getting help, but failing to do so. They're not making their job post stand out from the rest.

If you are wondering why you need to hire from Eastern Europe, Noel said that there's a cultural alignment with the Western world and in the UK. What you get from Easter Europe is a high standard of education, great English skills, and really low cost of living. You can give lower salaries but you can still pay them really well from where they are, and you can get great benefits and savings as a business owner. And, they have a work ethic; they work hard and they want to have a stable long-term role. 

Noel’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

If they want to do the hiring themselves and put it on a job board or post, include a video of you on top of the job post. Introduce yourself, introduce your business, and do 30-60 seconds explaining about the role, what kind of person you are looking for, and you can end it by saying "if this sounds like you, then check out the rest of the details and follow the instructions to apply." Adding a single video to a job post is the single best way to make it stand out and attract the kind of people that you want.

They often said that the number one important task for any CEO or business owner is hiring" – Noel Andrews

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