May 20

Why Purpose Matters, Even With Our Pets – Jessica Berger

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What you need to know about our guest:

Jess Berger is a first-generation American Latina who grew up learning firsthand from her family how important a close-knit community and honest hard work is to a purposeful life.

Jess began her career in finance and marketing, which led her into the pet industry where she spent the last 15 years working for and partnering with companies like Petsmart, Nestle, and Whole Foods Market. After achieving success in her corporate career, she found herself disillusioned with the lack of representation, inclusivity and alignment in leadership.

Jess left her corporate desk behind to pursue her purpose in entrepreneurship. Today, Jess is on a mission to address some of the issues she experienced as a female, first-generation Latina and entrepreneur in the pet industry.

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The Question Jessica Enjoys Answering:

"What would you like to say to our listeners?"


Visit us at and we'd love for people to join our community on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, we are everywhere where you are. If you have a pet and you believe in good food and like engaging with brands with purpose, we would love to bring you into our community and hopefully, get you to join and get involved with our brands.

“When you try to be everything to everyone, it doesn't get you very far. Building and creating a place where community is organically grown. People believe it's so much more than pet food. It's something they're a part of." – Jessica Berger 

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