May 10

Why Policyholders Should Retain Insurance Coverage Savvy Counsel – David Gauntlett

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

In this podcast episode, Bill Prater interviews David Gauntlett, an experienced attorney and policyholder advocate. Gauntlett discusses his experience in the insurance industry and how he became a policyholder advocate. He emphasizes the importance of having a good insurance broker who can help choose the best policies available and not just act as an order taker.

To further illustrate his point, David presents an example of a client who had a policy that did not cover water damage. The client had assumed that they were covered and only found out after the damage had occurred. David's firm was able to help the client by reviewing the policy and finding a clause that provided coverage for water damage in certain circumstances. This resulted in the client receiving the compensation they deserved.

Goller's firm offers a unique approach to solving problems for policyholders, with a lower price point and a more meaningful arsenal of weapons to help their clients. He advises clients to read policies backward to watch for endorsements that may take away coverage. Finally, David emphasizes the importance of having a good insurance policy and working with a policyholder advocate.

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