September 2

Why Now You Must Be More Giraffe with Your Speaking – in Just 7 Minutes with Elliot Kay

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to be heard and be seen
  • Seeking help from others to find your 'blind spots'
  • Why it's important to get customer feedback


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Simply go to and click on the 'speaker assessment' they can go to a series of questions which will help their listener to find out how influential they are right now with their speaking or their ability to sell. It will give you a personalized score, an 18-page report, and a couple of tips and advice.


For the last decade, Elliot Kay has worked with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, MD’s & Investors in order to help them stand out when they are public speaking, pitching, or looking to win business through public speaking. Elliot’s unique and effective structures, impactful delivery training, and teaching “language that lands” has helped them to hone their messaging, perfect their stories, and thus win them more business.
Elliot has spoken globally at conferences, events, and in front of teams, leaders, and managers on how to pitch and win new business. As well as speaking Elliot has worked with some of the leading companies and corporations and entrepreneurs on customer service, how to get into the media and how to successfully pitch on top-rated television programs such as “Dragons Den” and “MasterChef the Professionals”.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Elliot deals mostly with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to be seen and be heard. They believe that speaking will be an extension to their brand and access to their audience in a way that other forms of marketing don't. They assume their problem is "How do I get more bookings and how do I get paid?" but there's more problems underneath that. These folks are feeling frustrated because they're not getting the media presence they want while their competitors are winning more clients. And when it comes to speaking, they tend to lose their confidence sometimes. And the problem Elliot sees is that if you keep doing things on your own, you will burnout and not see the 'blind spots'. Doing things on your own leaves you blind, but bringing people to see the blind spots helps you see the light. He says that when you're out there putting yourself out speaking, either virtually or offline, you need to offer your audience an experience. Make sure to have the right language that meets the audience from where they are and have a structure to do that. If you sound like everybody else, your speaking is boring like everybody else. 

Elliot’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Elliot's tip for you to stand out is to go to your customers and ask them what they would like from you. There is no greater person that will give you the utmost feedback than your customer. You can simply send an email and say "What do you like about us? What can we do better or what do you expect from us and how would you like us to deliver it?". The answer you will get from that could change the course of your strategy and marketing.

There is no greater judge or jury than your customer" – Elliot Kay 

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