July 25

Why Having a Tenant-Only Brokerage is Your Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Strategy – Jonathan Keyser

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Show Notes:

Jonathan Keyser is the founder of Keyser, a technology-enabled commercial real estate firm that focuses on helping the user or the tenant or the occupier. He believes that traditional commercial real estate firms primarily represent landlords, developers, and real estate investors, and that the industry tends to be stacked against the tenant.

As a result, Keyser's firm only represents the user or the occupier, and never has to worry about conflicts of interest. They help companies figure out a real estate plan and execute upon that plan, and have four main areas of focus: office space, industrial or manufacturing or warehousing space, healthcare space, and retail.

Keyser's firm operates differently from traditional real estate firms, and he believes in serving and helping his clients and delivering more value than his competitors. His firm has helped companies save money and de-risk their portfolios, and Keyser believes that spreading awareness about his firm is important.

Keyser's philosophy of serving and helping others is rooted in his upbringing as a Christian missionary kid in Papua New Guinea. He stumbled into commercial real estate and became cutthroat and ruthless, but a speaker at a conference changed his perspective and he realized that he could succeed by helping others.

Keyser's firm competes with traditional real estate firms, but he believes that his firm's unique approach and philosophy sets them apart.

Company site:

To get in touch with Jonathan, visit his LinkedIn profile or the Keyser website at https://keyser.com/

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