September 12

Why companies trust Approyo for SAP success – Chris Carter

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, host Bill Prater interviews Chris Carter, CEO of Approyo, about the company's expertise in SAP Success and its global reputation for being the trusted choice for companies worldwide. Chris Carter is a renowned leader in the technology industry, having created the first SAP Cloud for a client in 2005 and the first SAP HANA production cloud used by an actual client.

Approyo's main focus is on unlocking the power of data and providing the ultimate solution in SAP HANA and cloud computing with AI. They serve companies around the globe that engage in transactions globally or any kind of transactional aspect with SAP software. With their expertise in SAP Success, Approyo not only empowers businesses to maximize the full potential of their data but also ensures that their SAP systems are optimized for efficiency and performance.

During the episode, Bill and Chris discuss how Approyo's unique approach to SAP Success has helped many companies in their digital transformation journey. Approyo's team of experts provides customized solutions according to each business's unique needs, enabling them to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

The Business Builder Show podcast is a must-listen for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone interested in learning more about the latest trends and best practices in the business world. Tune in to this episode to hear firsthand from Chris Carter about Approyo's unparalleled expertise in SAP Success and how they can help your business reach its full potential.

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