December 14

What are the secrets that DCAC has used to make the INC 5000 list 5 times in a row? – Denny Cherry

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Show Notes:

This episode of the Business Builder Show opens with host Bill Prater introducing the mission of the podcast. He aims to bring champions from a variety of industries worldwide to provide timely, provocative, and actionable resources. These resources are intended to inspire, promote, and accelerate listeners in their quest for business excellence.

Bill then introduces the guest of the episode, Denny Cherry. Denny is the owner and principal consultant for Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting (DCAC). Bill takes a moment to highlight DCAC's numerous awards and recognitions, emphasizing Denny's achievements in the industry.

Moving on to his own introduction, Denny gives a brief overview of DCAC's customer base. The company serves a broad range of clients, from small two-person companies to Fortune 50 corporations. However, he mentions that their sweet spot lies within the SMB range, specifically companies with 50 to 150-200 employees.

In the following segment, Denny delves into the types of problems DCAC helps companies to solve. The discussion sets the stage for a deeper dive into how DCAC's solutions can aid businesses in optimizing their operations.

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