May 17

Using Battlefield Tactics To Win In Business – Brent Canfield

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builders Show, host Bill Prater interviews Brent Canfield, CEO of Smart Digital, a security integration company based in Ashland, Ohio. As a 12-year Marine Corps veteran, Brent has a passion for protecting people and has converted his tactical experience into technical expertise to further develop his security integration company. Brent talks about how Smart Digital teaches and trains their customers how to properly secure their premises, facilities, and properties, utilizing a conglomeration of different technologies and practices to put more distance between them and the bad guy.

Brent also shares how his company separates itself from other players in the security space by being practical and logical. They show customers how to use lighting, reflective devices, and other techniques to protect themselves. Moreover, they use devices such as siren strobes, door window contacts, and motion sensors as early warning devices, making a determination whether to alert the authorities or send the bad guy away by sending a loud, audible duress signal.

Brent explains how his company offers many options for customers, including renting or purchasing equipment and buying into the Century Pods Remote Services program. The program offers live operators who become a buffer between the video and the event. They validate events and dispatch local authorities, no matter where the Century Pods lands in the world.

In the latter part of the podcast, Brent talks about how he started his business and how he imagined the future. He shares how he recruited people, how he runs his company on a day-to-day basis, and what his management meetings look like. Brent also provides key milestones and the lessons he learned from them.

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