November 2

Transforming the Way we do Business with Video – in Just 7 Minutes with Darius Santos

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How video helps in lead generation prospecting
  • Why making video is an effective communication tool
  • What makes Dubb stand out from others


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Darius Santos is a Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of who is helping to transform the way we do business, with Video.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Darius has shared with us that they love to work with everyone in a customer-facing role. Whether you are in sales, marketing, or if your role is to put stuff in front of existing or prospective clients and for them to take action, then Dubb is something you need. Darius' team dealt with people-facing problems in lead generation prospecting, and what video solves is giving you the ability to instantly differentiate yourself from those just sending messages to people's full inbox. Therefore, with video you can communicate properly and you build relationships quickly and effectively. No major tool change, just technique change.

If you are feeling that your email messaging is not effective anymore or your campaign response is lower, this is where can really help. Video can help you have more conversation, engagement, and better relationships. The biggest mistake he sees is when people throw instructions, or not following the guidelines of the blueprints or the road maps that shows what's successful is. When they jump to anything new, these folks would just say "I will just wing it" without following the instructions and this is wrong. Even Darius believes that it's important to take a page out of success and follow that to their best. 

And if you wonder "Why Dubb?" and not other platforms? Well, this is an all-inclusive platform where they provide what Mailchimp does (bulk email marketing), they provide something what Infusionsoft or HubSpot would do where you can build up sequences of emails, text messages, and videos to go out, it provides almost the same thing like Salesforce where it has 'Deals' and 'Tasks', etc. Therefore, Dubb is the software for you because it provides all the different pieces of these software in one tool. Even if you have an existing system, Dubb is built originally to integrate with those systems. 

Darius’ Valuable Free Action (VFA):

Darius knows that some might have this stigma of asking themselves "Does anyone want to see me on video? Does someone want a video from me?" or that mindset that you need to be in a big production. He advises everyone to look at this in a different way, that it's not an obstacle. You never sent an email and someone would say "wow, this is the most amazing email I've ever received". But if you send a handful of videos to people, you will receive that sort of response. Number one action is to record a video; pretend that you're going to send a video to a prospect.

If you're looking for more conversations, more engagement, and better relationships, then video is the answer" – Darius Santos

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