December 9

The Spirit Of The Puppy – in Just 7 Minutes with Jason Skeesick

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • You started this company to make an impact, but you're starting to feel a little bit like your passion is turned into a prison.
  • Take a two hour walk and just think about your business strategy.
  • Your passion made you start your business, but it will not be the tool to scale it to size.


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Jason Skeesick is a US Army veteran, coach, and an entrepreneurial evangelist. 

He is a father, husband, fighter, and carrier of heavy things.

His company Spear and Clover helps businesses with good leaders, talented teams, and strong playbooks go from perennial contenders to championship dynasties.

You can find Jason hosting the weekly Spear and Clover Podcast available on Youtube and across all audio platforms.

Learn more here:

“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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