October 19

The Smarter Way to Make Money – Shawn Hull

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, Bill Prater interviews Shawn Hull, the founder and CEO of Blue Coast Savings Consultants and Aspire Partners. With 30 years of experience, Shawn has been helping people start their own businesses and gain control of their lives by owning the smartest business model in the country.

Shawn's mission is to help business professionals earn money in a smarter way and live their best lives. He teaches others how to avoid financial storms like recessions, inflations, and pandemics. Shawn shares his insights on how to navigate financial crashes and make the most of opportunities. He has been a pioneer in the expense reduction and cost savings business for the past 23 years. Shawn brings new and innovative services to businesses, turning account payables into profit centers and eliminating fraud. He emphasizes the importance of bringing value to companies and solving problems they can't solve themselves. Shawn's approach is performance-driven, offering unique services that companies will eventually need. He focuses on educating customers, CFOs, and controllers about the value his services provide.

Company site:

To get in touch with Shawn visit his website: https://bluecoastsavings.com/

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