January 25

The Secrets To Wealth Mastery As A Business Owner – in Just 7 Minutes with Jackson Millan

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Trying to use your business as a vehicle, not a destination
  • The importance of having a clear roadmap or plan
  • What's the best way to be on track of your financial freedom


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This is about having the right education, the right tools, and taking the right action. You can get Jackson's bestselling books for free, go to www.book.wealth-mentor.com.au/gift-page and this will help you level up your financial literacy and be more confident of being the architect of your financial plan.


Jackson Millan - The Wealth Mentor has spent the last 14 years helping service businesses understand the language of money and manufacture financial freedom for themselves and their families.

He has successfully helped over 1,000 clients build in excess of $1.5 billion in combined wealth and has scaled multiple 7 figure businesses. He is a master of helping business owners make money work for them and turn their business profit into personal wealth.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Jackson has shared with us that their ideal clients are service businesses who are doing 6 to 7 figures and not prioritizing their health since they are caught in the trap of scaling. And most of them believe that scaling requires cash burn, and it comes at the expense of their lifestyle, wealth, and financial freedom. So, his team helps these folks to resolve this so that they can live a life that they desire.

These people have started to base their success, happiness, and fulfillment by the growth of their business. Jackson tries to let them see clearly what financial freedom really looks like outside of the business, so that we can use the business as a supercharged vehicle to get them there faster. They are experts in what they do, but Jackson says that his clients are working for money as opposed to money working for them. Therefore, they provide simple systems and frameworks that will make sure that their effort results in increased income and at the same time, personal wealth.

He advises that it's important to have a plan or a clear roadmap. Also, some face the problem of not having the sufficient cash for them to get where they want to go. Another problem is the lack of consistency, they also face being just fine being in that 'financial comfort' where they coast through life with just having enough.

Get into a habit of taking imperfect action in pursuit of our ultimate goal. It's about 'failing forwards'. This is to ensure that we are taking the right steps and actions in doing so systematically and regularly for a long time. Remember that this is a marathon not a sprint. Take that regular and persistent action, and stop trying to make it perfect. 

Jackson's Valuable Free Action (VFA):

There are so many things that we can be focusing on. Most businesses or households have this 'cash flow bottlenecks', these are small or invisible blockages of cash flow that's consuming the life blood which is money. There are 40 things that you can do that can get you financially fit and on the right trajectory to creating that lifestyle that you want. With this, you will be able to evaluate where you are and get that low-hanging financial fruit.

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The problem is, the business that's supposed to be their vehicle has become their destination" – Jackson Millan 

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