October 5

The Secrets of Managing your Brand Message on Google – in Just 7 Minutes with Jason Barnard

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • You want to make sure that when your audience is searching on Google, Especially when they're searching your own brand name, that they see the message as you intended.
  • Why you need to educate Google like you would a child.
  • Don't make the mistake Amazon did for over 20 years.


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Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) is an author and digital marketing consultant. He specialises in Brand SERP optimisation and Knowledge Panel management.

Jason has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing, starting in 1998 (the year Google was incorporated) with a website for kids based on the cartoon characters Boowa & Kwala that he built up to become one of the 10,000 most visited sites in the world. In the 1990s he was a professional musician with the Punk-Folk group The Barking Dogs. In 1988 he graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Economics and Statistical Analysis. 

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“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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