June 2

The Secret to Effective Delegation – in Just 7 Minutes With Mads Singers

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tips for effective management skills
  • The difference between delegating responsibility and delegating a task
  • Answer a question by answering back


Related Links and Resources:

If you want to step up your game and improve your management skills, check out Mad’s free webinar directly from his site www.Madsingers.com , it focuses a lot on delegation, recruitment and so on.


Mads Singers has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Xerox and IBM, and more than 7 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs.

He has also spoken at many larger events such as CMSEO, TiECon, DCBKK & DMSS Bali, SEO Spring Training & the Survive and Thrive Ecommerce Summit.

Mads currently owning and running 3 companies, and managing more than 100 people, he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

As well as being a management expert, Mads is also an expert on growing and scaling an online business, and he is one of the industry experts in the DISC methodology, which is a cornerstone in his management philosophy and he shares his knowledge through the Effective Management Mastery course & community.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:54 Mads’ ideal Client: Generally online business owners, that's pretty broad, in any industry all over the planet.

2:14 Problem Mads helps solve: At a large scale, it's ramp management. Unfortunately, so many companies are great at training everything except for management skills. Today I will talk specifically about delegation because that's somewhere a lot of people struggle.

2:46 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Mads: Well, I work 80hrs a week or I spend working all my time in the business. Most people work too many hours, they work in the business. They're aren’t effectively growing the business.

3:23 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Mads and his solution: There's quite a few, but I will hold in to a specific one today. This is particularly in the online world where people always been told to build a process, write it down, and then take that task and give it to someone. Fundamentally the problem is, when you delegate task, instead of delegating responsibility, you take away ownership. And that leads to light of results, and a light of ability of effective delegation.

4:19 Mads’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): The difference between delegating responsibility and delegating a task, instead of telling someone do this thing this way, you basically talk to them and say here's the area of responsibility I need help with. Here is our process of what we do today, however, you're a smart guy/girl, I want you to own this thing. And then the most important aspect of giving people responsibility is to set clear deliverable, set clear outcomes. The problem when you delegate task is you tell them how many times the task have to be done, but that's not an outcome. When you delegate outcome, you look at what is the result of the person doing this work. And when you start delegating responsibility rather than task, you fundamentally grow your staffs much better and much faster.

5:58 Mads’ Valuable Free Resource (VFR): The free resource that I want to share is the free webinar that I want to share called Madsingers.com and it focuses a lot on delegation, recruitment and so on. But that's really a great place to get started if you really want to step up your game and improve your management skills and get ready to grow your business.

7:00 How do you grow your staffs effectively? It ties in with delegation again. One secret, for a business owner stand point, if you look at those business owners, if you look at their Skype or their Slack, they're always blinking with questions. One thing you need to learn, is never answer questions. If people ask you a question, you want them to answer it. So, the way you answer question, is basically ask them a question back. Such as what do you see the options being? What do you think is the right choice? You are trying to help people think, and the problem is if you answer questions for them, you make it a process subconsciously in their mind. When I have this problem, go ask Boss man. And the problem with that is, you're going to spend the rest of your life answering a lot of questions. And they don't learn from it. They keep asking the same thing, because the build subconsciously of asking the boss. If you do ask just those two things and in 99% of the case you just tell them to do what they think is the right thing unless they literally going to blow up your business. If you do that, you will develop your staffs significantly more and much faster.

"When you start delegating responsibility rather than task, you fundamentally grow your staffs much better and much faster" – Mads Singers        

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