April 28

The “Pursuit Inversion Principle” That Has High-Paying Customers Begging For a Meeting – In Just 7 Minutes with Cory Sanchez

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What you’ll learn from this Episode:

  • Getting the "right kind" of clients that we enjoy working with
  • How “Word-of-mouth” customers are incredible when you get them
  • How LinkedIn is the number one way to get clients if it’s used correctly


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Cory Sanchez has cracked the code on business marketing on B2B LinkedIn prospecting. He's been featured in Forbes and considered as top 1% of Influencers in the entire world by LinkedIn Corporation. He has tried or helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs on how to create predictable leads, clients and revenue.

Cory is a winner of the prestigious "Marketer of the Year" through the Phoenix Business Journal, he has partnered with best-selling authors, and have customers over 30 countries. He can show you how to tap into LinkedIn 26.2 billion gold mine to help you find prospects and close deals. He has help customers generate over 1 million appointments and also 100 million in revenue from LinkedIn.

What could take your company 3-5 years to create, Cory can collapse that time and can get you there under 12 months.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:18 Cory’s ideal Client: My ideal customer is in B2B; they market to businesses. That typically includes consultants, business coaches, recruiters, insurance investment advisors, and experts. People that are the perceive authority in their industry.

2:46 Problem Cory helps solve: The common problem is the revenue; it always comes down to clients. And beyond just getting clients, it's about getting the "right kind" of clients. Because you can certainly get the wrong kind of clients; clients that don't take action, hard to work with, you don't really enjoy working with. They don't have the mindset of abundance, more of having scarcity mindset, so we've all been there. So, we thought of a different way we like working with, that are agreeable, that actually has budget to spend, and I think that's the big part of it. We focus on getting clients we enjoy working with.

4:27 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Cory: If you're sitting there and your calendar is empty, you wake up Monday morning and you look up what you have going on during the week, two things you teach is actually how to make more money and how to save more money. Out there those business owners, as sales professionals, we go out there and look at on how we bring in clients, how to bring in revenue, how to bring in income. That way we can do the things we want to do, and how you can accomplish that? It comes down to getting clients. Money comes from people, that's what closing deals is all about. How do you know you have a problem? Is that you're sitting there, you're worried about your income, you're worried about your take-home pay, you're worried about your client deals, you're sitting having no idea what to do next.

7:14 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Cory and his solution: The biggest mistake that I see that people make is that, you're out there pushing. It comes down to two things, number one is Action. Most people are not doing anything. I love word-of-mouth, word-of-mouth is amazing. Word-of-mouth customers are incredible when you get them, they're easy to closed. They just feel so good but most people don't have that consistently. If you don't have enough clients, you know you won't have enough word-of-mouth. Secondly, you try to do things that alot of people tells you to do and it's not working. You are out there trying to message out, trying to cold calls, cold emails, and try to do all of these things to reach out to people. But when if you do the right things correctly, people should actually be reaching out to you because of your marketing efforts. It's all about setting yourself up and setting your marketing channels up, so that in that way, you are pulling people in.

8:38 Cory’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): It all starts with perception, because one of the things that we teach is LinkedIn. I think a lot of people get LinkedIn wrong. If you've done things with LinkedIn and you haven't had got any success with it or if you haven't gotten any clients then you know you're doing something wrong or you're not doing anything at all. One of the best ways to actually get clients from LinkedIn has nothing to do with spamming people or messaging people or doing anything like that. It actually has a lot to do with how you set yourself up on your profile. The biggest and most important thing you can do is spend a lot of time on your headline; it's always the thing that people see when they connect to you. That headline can either make you or break you on your marketing.

10:19 Manuj’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): We have on our website, www.mojoglobal.com the marketing survival guide. It's an incredible free PDF download that you can get, it's a marketing survival guide for these times (Marketing Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs During COVID-19). You will see the banner on the top and just click on it.

11:15 How are you do you set yourself up over the next month to get more clients and more revenue than you've ever gotten before and to make it easier than you ever have before? Number one, if you used LinkedIn correctly, it will be the number one way to ever get clients. And number two, you have to learn how to do it so that in that way, you have people coming to you and in that way, it's easier for you to do. Here's the thing, people have a limited amount of time, time's an issue. So how can you in an hour per day make the right moves that get you the desired result, which is more clients this month than you have last month, and more clients the next month. If you have just one hour a day to do it, then you can absolutely do it.

"It's all about setting yourself up and setting your marketing channels up, so that in that way, you are pulling people in" – Cory Sanchez        

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