July 21

The Key to Using LinkedIn for Business Growth – in Just 7 Minutes with Rob Lowe

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Converting "leads problem" to "sales problem"
  • Getting the right first impression on your LinkedIn profile
  • Having the right platform for strategy and campaign


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Rob Lowe has a background in Web, SEO, adwords and Social Media Marketing. He can bring a common sense approach to the marketing puzzle for business owners seeking growth and wanting to scale their businesses.               

He leads a team of Social Media Experts, who help their clients position themselves as leading experts in their space and increase sales; They work with consultants, advisors, and business owners to grow their businesses exponentially via the LinkedIn channel.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:35 Rob’s ideal Client: My ideal client is somebody that really seeks to grow their business, and business to business is the focus, and wants to grow their business via LinkedIn channel. We're the medium in helping them grow through the LinkedIn channel.

1:58 Problem Rob helps solve: People who start the conversion "Rob, I need more leads!", so we make it a sales problem. Does that make sense? (I got a leads problem, I will make it to sales problem).

2:39 Typical symptoms that clients experience before reaching out to Rob: Well in the old days we say the phone isn't ringing with new prospects or customers, and people like that. They come to us with needs; the business needs to grow and they have a cycle. They do a little bit of business development they get from leads. They go facilitate the work, they come back, they got an empty leads funnel. Feast-famine. What you need is somebody filling the funnel so you can facilitate the leads outside the funnel and actually close deals as a business owner.

3:52 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Rob and his solution: I'm firm believer in outsourcing special services where you outsource an expert that actually does what they do so that you can focus on running the business. So, the biggest mistake that actually people are doing is spending hours on a platform that they don't understand. LinkedIn's an animal; a lot of people have tried, most have failed. Then they say well 'LinkedIn doesn't work', but that's because you're a mortgage broker, you're a financial planner, you're a business owner, you're not a social media expert. And worse than that, you're not a LinkedIn expert. I'm not a LinkedIn expert but I employ a LinkedIn expert.

4:57 Rob’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Well, start having a look at your profile and fix your profile, get the first impression, a pleasurable one and a business like one for people seeking your services. That's the most actionable thing I can say along with your website, your LinkedIn profile is the landing page is a website. Make it a good one. Depends on your perspective. If you're an SEO expert, it's all on Google. But people have stopped playing on Google a long time ago. They're active on social. It's choosing the right platform. LinkedIn isn't specifically the correct platform for every business. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Google even. All right. But choose the right platform where your clients are engaged and active. Market to them there, engage with them there.

6:18 Rob’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): It's a free profile review, that's linkedconversionsfreelinkedinprofilereview.getresponsepages.com

7:24 Have I chosen the right platform to market to my audience? I would think that's the most important starting point. I see a lot of people focusing attention on SEO, Adwords, Facebook, Instagram. They're not choosing the platform of choice where they are going to get the most benefit. So if I leave everybody out there with any wisdom, target the right platform. I'm not saying don't have a representation on the other platforms. Target the right platform, have a really good strategy and that's the key. Don't throw all of the stuff at it and expect some results. Have a good strategy and a campaign. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Get all the right factors in, get your collateral, get your learning experience correct. Whatever it is, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, you name it. Get it right from the get-go. Start from a really good base and speak to somebody who knows what they're talking about.

So if I leave everybody out there with any wisdom; target the right platform – Rob Lowe   

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