September 3

The Interconnection Between Trust, Love and Profit – in Just 7 Minutes with Stefan Paul Georgi

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why connecting and aligning the executive team is important first
  • How important it is to identify four to five big issues
  • How new initiative in a company requires to work well together


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I have a pretty proven framework for writing sells copy called the 'RMBC Method'. If you can just go to my website . Super valuable and it'll be your free for your audience.


Stefan Georgi is considered one of the top direct response copywriters in the world. Since he started copywriting in 2011, Stefan’s words have grossed over $700MM in sales. He wrote 50+ direct response marketing pieces that have grossed a combined total of nearly $700 million. This includes numerous direct response pieces that are actively grossing over $20MM a month for both Stefan and his clients.

Co-Founder of Copy Accelerator with Justin Goff. The program currently has over 150 members in Direct Response and eCommerce. Combined the members in Copy Accelerator generate over $1BN in annual sales.

Stefan Founded or Co-Founded four different companies that have reached eight figures in annual revenue, and five additional companies that have reached seven figures in annual revenue.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:40 Stefan’s ideal Client: It's really people who are interested in marketing and direct response marketing. So, by direct response we mean marketing that's going to get a response from somebody, whether they subscribe to an email list, buy a product or pick-up the phone and call. And generally, it's folks who are a little bit stuck and maybe they've had success and got into 6 or 7 figures, sometimes even 8 figures, but they still don't know how to get to the next level. They are not sure why their marketing is working when it works and they're not sure why it's not working when it doesn't work.

3:27 Problem Stefan helps solve: A lot of the times when people don't understand why things work or not, they look at marketing especially copywriting that is being this black box where they put their input in and hope money is going to come out. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. There's no rational approach in what they're doing, there's no understanding. I help them have a more replicable process and they can figure out how to actually get result consistently with their copywriting and their overall online marketing efforts.

4:18 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Stefan: It's definitely frustration that goes along with feeling stuck. There's a feeling that you're missing something, a feeling that you're not getting it or there's that one missing piece, that missing one percent. You look around because there's envy, because you look at other businesses that are figuring it out and you started to wonder "what do they have that I don't have, I think I'm doing everything that they're doing". And there's also that frustration of unpredictable results and not hitting the goals that you like to be hitting. And sometimes that leads to willing to give up or even just coast and not wanting to move forward, kind of resigning yourself to mediocrity.

5:17 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Stefan and his solution: One of the big ones' is throwing money at it in general can be a mistake. There's smart investment and there's lighting money on fire. What happens if a lot of business owners especially when they go to higher copywriters, is that copywriter that they hired doesn't know what they're doing either. Because it's the same thing, the copywriter may have had some successes but they don't know why they're successful and they don't know why things aren't. And the copywriter doesn't ever tell you the things that weren't successful, they'll only talk about their huge wins. You need to be able to have a rubric or a way to screen those writers and see if there's somebody who really is a good fit, or if there's somebody who maybe a waste of money. But throwing money at problems very rarely fixes them, and that's a huge mistake people make.

6:19 Stefan’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): One thing you can do for your copy and the copy in your business write is don't be afraid to model off from your competitors, don't be afraid to look at what they're doing, whether those are Facebook ads, landing page copy or the mail that they're sending out. And really take that and model off of it. It doesn't mean that you have to copy and paste it, but you can be at the source, almost go line by line, see what they're doing and write your own version and use it as a prompt. So many people feel like they need to reinvent the wheel, and you simply don't need to do that. You can much more easily model off something and you're going to have better results.

7:26 Stefan’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I have a pretty proven framework for writing sells copy called the 'RMBC Method'. If you can just go to my website, I'm going to have it set up so that you'll get a really nice breakdown of this methodology, which I charge thirty-six thousand dollars plus a year to teach people. Super valuable and it'll be your free for your audience.

8:16 What about trust, love and profit? I would love to point out is going back to the title we talked about this 'trust, love and profit and the interconnection'. One thing I've had a lot of success with in my own marketing, my own email list and the communities I built is really radical transparency and authenticity. And I think for a lot of business owners out there selling, writing copy and all of that, it's already overwhelming. But one of the easiest things you can do besides modeling off other people is to just really be a little more authentic, be honest.

If you're a business and you're struggling because of Covid, because you're an offline business, then talk about it and share those struggles and share what you're learning, people just really relate to that. What I would say is when you are authentic, you build trust. The more they trust you, the more they start to love you. And the more they love you, the more they'll open their hearts and their wallets and you'll get more profit. So that's why trust, love, and profit is a really good way to look at your marketing to both existing customers and new customers.

“The more they trust you, the more they start to love you. And the more they love you, the more they'll open their hearts and their wallets, and you'll get more profit”Stefan Paul Georgi    

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