March 26

The Entrepreneurial Reality – why so many businesses fail– in Just 7 Minutes with Dr. Tamer Shahin

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Importance of working 'top down' not 'down up'
  • Finding connection of what we're doing today to what we're dreaming
  • Setting a time for ourselves and be our own client


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Dr. Tamer is giving a 3-minute business triage that will find out your number one challenge that's holding you back from growing and scaling your business. He said that it's not the tactics or productivity hacks that most people think that they need. You will also get a customized free report which will lay out what that challenge is and the next step on what they can do about it. It's in  


Dr. Tamer Shahin has gone from growing multi-seven figure businesses, taking a global health start up stratospheric and living large, to not so large. From rags to riches and back again. From growing and running one of his companies valued at $100million to losing absolutely everything, becoming $2.5million personally in debt and bailing his business partner out of prison (all in the space of 30 days!).

He now enjoys being a serial entrepreneur, investor, business coach and mentor. As founder and CEO at CEO Entrepreneur, he helps transform entrepreneurs into CEO’s and small businesses into global companies; without stress or overwhelm. He’s advised corporate titans, authored several textbooks, taught at and advised universities around the world, spoken at TEDx, and published in Forbes as a digital health thought leader.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Dr. Tamer told us that his ideal clients are business owners in which he helps them scale or grow further their businesses. It comes to a point where these folks feel overwhelmed, overwork and stressed out in making decisions, what's the next step, or what it is that's not working in their system. He sees that a lot of us get stuck on our daily routine task of what we need to achieve in a day. There's no focus, strategy or long-term destination in the business. And based on Dr. Tamer's own experience, he and his team know exactly how to help these people. He explains that there is a disconnect between what we're doing today and what we're dreaming, so he helps them connect that. And the way to work that is to really to work backwards; work 'top down' not down to top.

Dr Tamer’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): He said to set aside a time for ourselves per day; really book a time for ourselves or become our own clients. Sit down and create a timetable and think of their business strategically and what's the end destination. Most importantly, is to do this by working from 'top down' not 'down up'.

There is a disconnect between what you're doing today and what you're dreaming; we need to find a way to connect those and remove that disconnect. And the way to work that is to really to work backwards; work 'top down' " – Dr. Tamer Shahin 

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