December 28

The Algorithm of Success – Thomas Douglas

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Bill Prater, the host of the Business Builder Show, interviews Thomas Douglas from JMARK, a leading company in technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Tom shares his journey of joining JMARK, making tough decisions, and growing the company to over 120 employees. He talks about the common problems faced by businesses in terms of security, instability, and backup/disaster recovery.

Tom also highlights the importance of empowering people, creating a stable environment, and delivering on promises. He mentions their pricing model, their focus on people, and their differentiation from competitors. In addition, Tom discusses the major milestones in building his business, emphasizing the value of humility, learning from failures, and creating a sustainable business model.

He also shares insights on building and managing a management team, and the importance of cultural fit in hiring.

Finally, Thomas addresses the topic of artificial intelligence and advises listeners to embrace it, learn about it, and become experts in utilizing AI tools.

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