January 17

Strategies that Build and Scale Impact – in Just 7 Minutes with Beate Chelette

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • In order to scale impact, in order to grow authority, you have to start to make yourself more and more obsolete
  • There is a relationship that she calls the "slave relationship" to your business where you are the slave.
  • Without the appropriate mindset to make sure that you actually know that you are about to do something that changes the way you do things, nothing can happen.


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Her proprietary "Growth Blocker Quiz" where you will discover what is holding you back and what to do about it.

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Beate’s entrepreneurial journey is a crazy transition from being a broke single mom and immigrant who was $135,000 in debt, to cracking the code and then selling her business to Bill Gates for millions.

She helps consultants, coaches, and service providers who want to grow their authority so that they can scale their impact. I help them to design the framework, strategy, and the system to streamline operations and workflows.

She is passionate about building structure for overwhelmed and frustrated business owners who can’t squeeze any more time out of their busy days.

In so many words – she doesn’t sell the dream, she provides the strategy.

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“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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