November 16

Secrets to Selling without Selling – in Just 7 Minutes with Ben Brown

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Knowing your sales process
  • Importance of practice what you learn
  • Learning 'emotional triggers'


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I bought the URL which is called and that will give you a free consultation with me to sit down and talk over everything based on what you need, there's analysis points on that.


Benjamin Brown or Ben is a sales expert, author, and a father of two young children. He worked in sales for over 23 years and currently works with small businesses with sales issues and low sales.  Ben uses his vast knowledge that he acquired over two decades to create a proven and tested sales process that can be implemented and adjusted for almost any product or service. He said "when sales is done right, it is a pleasing process!"

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:23 Ben’s ideal Client: My ideal client is a business-to-business, normally between 500 to 500 million dollars, but the small sales team with the ability and lack of knowledge of what a sale actually is and the sales process.

1:48 Problem Ben helps solve: Well, most of the time businesses are so successful that they do a lot of marketing but they don't have a sales process. So, the first thing I ask is "what is your sales process?" and if they can't answer that with distinctive steps that they normally use that are reputable, that's improvable, then there's a problem that they normally have. There's money being wasted.

2:25 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Ben: It's normally with them being uncomfortable; actually, talking to prospects. Most of the people use copy now, emails, things on that nature. People are not doing face-to-face, zoom-to-zoom, or phone-to-phone. And so, their personality is not shown, there's a lot if "uuhh" and "uhhm" on the phone. They're not comfortable picking up the phone and just calling somebody. That shows a lot right there.

3:10 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Ben and his solution: They're reading a lot of books, they're getting confused, and they're using a lot of theory which refer to sales as a skill. So, it has to be practiced right in order to use it. You cannot do welding from a book; you have to actually use it. Normally use a coach, somebody's going to work with you to improve your skills. Besides that, you're just winging it and it's a lot of theory.

3:51 Ben’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): One of the things they don't understand is that people buy emotionally still, and there's a step that you need to use which basically I teach called it "emotional triggers" which is asking more questions to figure out what it is and how you'll solving that problem. And how to use that to convey that you're there to help, and that will make the sale a lot easier and also the ability to close on in without being a 'hard closer' which doesn't work much anymore.

4:36 Ben’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I will make it very easier for people to reach out to me, I bought the URL which is called, and that will give you a free consultation with me to sit down and talk over everything based on what you need, there's analysis points on that. And everybody needs some advice base upon their business anyway, right? So, time is of the essence. That schedules a call with my business schedule where I can sit down and talk with you and figure out what problems there are, is there an alignment, does this work for you, do you have a need, so on and so forth. So, it makes it easier for people to do that. that's and that's put you directly in a queue.

5:38 What is a sale? Sales has nothing to do with business; it's actually an ability to make somebody move. A sale is just small movements for people to get the problem solve that they need, so the steps are in that movement. I have an eight and a six year old, where my daughter will ask me to pick her up, pick her up, pick her up.. that's a sale. So, it has nothing to do with business, it has to do with movement of somebody because she doesn't have a need or want, she's not going to tell me why she wants it. She's just selling me, closing me..'pick me up, pick me up' and so that is a sale. So, that is a sale, we are born to sell, we just lose it in western civilization because everything has a price. If you can't afford it, you can't buy it. Whereas if you go overseas, everybody negotiates. We lose that 'muscle' and ability to sell because we're in a western civilization.

Sales has nothing to do with business; it's actually an ability to make somebody move" – Ben Brown 

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