August 27

Secrets to Reaching Out to People to Grow your Business Without Feeling Small and Insignificant – in Just 7 Minutes with Nina Cooke

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The benefit of becoming aware of your ‘inner talk’
  • How to overcome hesitancy in reaching out to high-valued clients
  • How your thoughts can bring the results you want in your life


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The resource is the 'Millionaire Mindset School card', because often we don't know why we don't have a 7-figure business. The URL for this is


Nina Cooke is a Business Growth Mindset Mentor, helping entrepreneurs to release their deep inner blocks so they become motivated action-takers to significantly grow their income, impact and downtime.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:05 Nina’s ideal Client: My ideal client is financial experts; they have their own boutique firms and they want to make bigger deals. But they're not going about that in the way that they know that can. They're hesitating, procrastinating and they're not taking the action they know that they need to take in order to have their 7-figure business.

1:40 Problem Nina helps solve: They know that in order to close bigger deals, they need to reach out to places in their industry. Now, in order to make bigger deals, they're going to talk to high-valued clients. And what stops them from taking this action, this 'client-getting' action is that they feel small and insignificant compared to these business owners. They feel that they're too small, they won't be interested in talking to them, that they'll be bothering them, or they hate getting a note. And so, they sit on their hands and they don't take the action. So, they make up the stories in their heads that stops them from reaching out to these people. Because they believe that they're not going to get their business.

2:48 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Nina: They feel hesitancy in reaching out to these people. They feel that if they were to dig deeper, there will be some fears. They would probably be feeling that they're not good enough, they may feel inferior in some way. They may feel that some of these bigger players have a better education than them, maybe they're smarter than them, maybe they're only used to dealing with big companies with big teams, and therefore they can't compete.

3:34 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Nina and her solution: The common mistake that they make is that they think of another strategy that will get the result that they want. So, they try to keep looking to the 'outside' of themselves for the result. And if only when they turn their attention to the 'inside' of themselves that they'll actually find the answer.

4:10 Nina’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The one thing that they do is to start becoming aware. Become aware of their 'inner-talk' that's stopping them from building relationships with the people who will be able to get them big deals that they're looking for. And as they become aware of their 'inner critical talk', to stop calling themselves out on their stories and just say to themselves "oh, that's interesting. I'm making all of this stuff in my head about why I can't reach out to these people" and these are stories I'm making up. They're not real, they're true, they're not actually based in any reality or whatsoever. And to get themselves permission to stop playing. And start playing a much bigger game that they've ever played before in their lives; because it's fun and they get energy from it and they'll be excited doing it.

5:12 Nina’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): The resource is the 'Millionaire Mindset School card', because often we don't know why we don't have a 7-figure business. And sometimes we don't really realize what's stopping us. So, this is a very accurate way of pinpointing exactly which thinking, which limiting beliefs you have that are getting in your way, and remember that they're all made up. So, you can score yourself on getting your strongest limiting beliefs and then the score cards take you a step further. To show you how you can get past this limited beliefs and start creating empowering beliefs to create a business that you absolutely deserve. And that's within your reach. The URL for this is

6:24 Why is it some people manage to create all the success they want, and why does some people don't? And the reason isn't because those people who have these amazing businesses, that they have any special powers. Actually, we all have a 'magic wand' inside of us, and that magical wand is our thinking. Because we create our reality from our thinking. Rather than just letting the thinking happen to you, grab that thinking and start creating. Your thoughts can bring the results you want in your life.

“Actually, we all have a 'magic wand' inside of us, and that magical wand is our thinking.” – Nina Cooke    

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