September 17

Secrets to Exploding an Organic Audience – in Just 7 Minutes with Stefanie Gass

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How not to get stuck in the 'analysis-paralysis'
  • How not to be distracted by the systems and focus on solutions
  • How you can earn from podcasting


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I have this '10 Steps in Starting a Podcast' and this is totally free, there's a free webinar, you don't need to sign in, you don't have to send me your email address. It’s in


Stefanie Gass is a Jesus lover, wife, and mom of two boys from Tijeras, NM. She is the host of the top-ranked podcast The Mompreneur Mastermind Show, and her mission is helping, empowering, and transforming Christian Mompreneurs. Stef specializes in helping these incredible women uncover and tap into their God-led callings, launch podcasts, & monetize using courses and coaching.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:21 Stefanie’s ideal Client: My ideal clients are Christian mompreneurs who are really ready to pour their gifts to the world but they just don't know how.

1:38 Problem Stefanie helps solve: They want to grow organic audiences that can learn to trust them, so that they can sell things. Because we all have these gifts and we wanted to create businesses out of them but we get stuck in 'how'. So, they want to grow organic audiences so that they can make money.

2:23 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Stefanie: I think the main thing that they're feeling is just overwhelmed. There’re so many answers but they don't know which answers is right for them. They're frustrated, they're feeling a lot of comparison because they're new in what they're doing, so they don't know.. "Am I equipped? Am I qualified? Am I good enough?" they are stuck in the 'analysis-paralysis'. They're researching instead of creating. They're afraid of failure, they are confused, all those feelings. They're feeling defeated as well because they're doing a lot of things but they're yet to see profit.

3:10 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Stefanie and her solution: I think the biggest thing is that they're focusing on the tech; "oh, I need new email funnel, I need a new system, I need a new ads.." there's so focused on the 'what' that they think is going to grow for them instead on focusing on the 'who' they're called to serve. So, they're getting distracted by the systems instead of the solutions that they need to provide. They're also listening to coaches about 'get rich quick' or 'hustle harder' and they're following trap-and-victim to all of the people trying to make money off of them, instead of sticking into the game plan. Showing up, solving, and trusting that's it's really going to take time to build a business that's sustainable.

4:07 Stefanie’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Start a podcast,  100 percent. What that does is that it grows trust, it creates consistency in your business, you're now dedicated to one-long form content outlet. People want to listen, we're busy, we don't really want to read blogs anymore, we want to listen, and they're super easy to create. There's no barrier to entry. It's going to be work, but if you're willing to do it and stick with it over time, I mean, my podcast increased my revenue over 1700% in 20 months. Grew my audience over a 100,000 and it's not even two years, all organically, no paid traffic at all.

4:56 Stefanie’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I have this '10 Steps in Starting a Podcast' because there are people who go "oh gosh, how?" - again the HOW. And this is totally free, there's a free webinar, you don't need to sign in, you don't have to send me your email address, it's literally free to see if that can be right for you. And that's in, and it's like exploring if that could be the right vessel for you to serve your avatar. And grow trust, so that you can make money.

5:46 How do you actually make money in podcasting if it's free? And can you give too much 'away' stuff? The secret is, when you're showing up on your podcast, yes it's free, you are going to give and give, serve, solve, inspire, motivate, encourage, and all the things you're going to do. And what that does, it creates trust; I call it the 'trust tiers'. So, people will go into a ‘trust-tear’ in one with you, they'll learn, they're going to have a result just from your free stuff. When that happens, they trust you and they're ready to spend between 1 to 500 dollars typically within about 90 days or less. So, what happens is you create a passive product like my favorite, say an E-course or you can do coaching. Typically, my mompreneurs do one of those two things; coach or have courses, or both. After that 90 days they're just promoting on the show.. "hey mommas, if you're loving this free content about organization, I have a free E-course 'How to Get Super Organized for Moms'. So, they start to monetize their own products right on the podcast. And what happens is, because people trust you on the show, they are so much more open to buying. There's no barrier to entry, it's not a cold traffic transaction like an ad, or an email funnel, it's like " I know stuff, she's my best friend. I've already changed from her. I'm buying her thing". And once they buy your thing, they move to trust-tier, where they typically spend between 500 to 3500 dollars with you, and this can be a Mastermind, a retreat, that high-ticket, maybe a year-long coaching package. So, that's typically what I see happened all from podcasting which is so crazy. So, that's how you actually make money.

I struggle, I have a paid thing and I have a free thing. In my opinion, this is just me, I don't believe you can give too much away; I think the more you give, the more trust that the person will have in you, and they're always going to want you to implement it with them. You think that you're giving it all away, but they go "show me how" right? And they reach out "I want to do that with you". So that's where they pay for things to have that implementation. So, you can't give too much away, there you go.

“I think the more you give the more trust that the person will have in you, and they're always going to want you to implement it with them” Stefanie Gass

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