June 30

Secrets of Writing Copy That Brings in Sales – in Just 7 Minutes with David Deutsch

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The mistake of writing in 'academic style' approach
  • How writing is similar to talking
  • To write and have the mindset of a persuader


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David would like to give a video on "How to Come Up with Great Ideas" because he thinks that's where a lot of business people or writers get stuck. Generating ideas is really systematic, there's different ways to trigger ideas. It's in www.DavidLDeutsch.com/video


David Deutsch helps companies large and small tell their story and convert prospects into customers. He started on Madison Avenue in New York City at one of the most prestigious ad agencies in the world, Ogilvy and Mather. Today he is one of the top direct response copywriters in the world.

Over the years, his copy has helped sell over a billion dollars in products and services for his clients. Today he enables companies to get higher-converting copy by providing training, coaching, and creative direction.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

David enjoys working with someone who has their own business and writes their own copy or would like to write their own copy. When you have a business, you know your product and market really well, and that's 80% of copywriting, is to really know the market. And he helps them with the 20% to write a really good, compelling copy that can accelerate their business. That 20% is putting the words together; knowing how do you write the copy, how do you put your own 'salesmanship', or how do you put those words into the pages. Even if you do write it yourself and also hire copywriters, you will be far able to give them the type of direction that they need to write great copy for you. People make mistakes when they think they need to go back to that 'academic style' like writing book reports, or write the way they think writing should sound. One of the reasons for really learning how to write a copy is it makes you a better buyer of copy. He tells us the most important thing in terms of being a writer is really mindset; what state are you in while writing. Have that mindset of a persuader; it's persuading them to do what you think is for their own best interest.

David’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): One thing that David tells people to do is to talk to people about your product or even talking to yourself with a recorder. Because writing is similar to talking, it's just written on a page. The best writing is really very conversational or easy to listen to writing. These days, a lot of writing is doing videos so it's literally talking. Try to use your own voice to get those words.

Because writing is really kind of talking; just put unto the page. It's really salesmanship in print" – David Deutsch

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