February 15

Secrets of Story-Selling for business presentations – in Just 7 Minutes with Steve Werner

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The importance of engaging your listeners
  • Why entertainment is the real value
  • Why it's ok to be imperfect


Related Links and Resources:

Steve has this "death to bad webinars" program. It is 5 videos, 5 templates, 5 walkthroughs of how to use it. It will tell you the 5-course stories that we talked about and where you can use them whether it's your email, social media, or selling from stage. You can get that at www.deathtobadwebinars.com


In the last 8 years, Steve Werner went from bombing his first live event to building over 65 sold-out productions for himself and his clients. He has crafted and critiqued over 370 one-to-many sales presentations and has spoken on more than 200 stages, including Harvard. When COVID hit ‘pause’ on live events, he pivoted — helping 32 online entrepreneurs launch storyselling webinars that have netted over $5.1M in sales in the last 18 months.

Steve’s focus is on helping coaches, influencers, and small business owners turn their stories into 6-figure sales machines on the live and digital stage.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Steve informed us that he works a lot with online coaches, consultants, authors, financial planners, lawyers, or anyone that is selling online. The problem he sees is that they're selling one to many; they want the sales funnel to do the work for them or they do 1-on-1 sales calls. It's good if you can talk about something in a way you can get across to people and they will say "I want that" before you can make an offer, or selling to a group that actually freezes so much of your time, but it's the jet-fuel that you can pour on your business to really ramp up sales. 

Think about your favorite teacher. After all these years, you can remember some of the things they taught you or you have a positive reaction to that. That's the key to selling on stage. You want people to engage with you, share short stories, get people to smile or like you. It's not about the technical stuff, but it's about getting a positive reaction. Teaching way too much isn't helpful; that doesn't create anything but just overwhelms. Real value is entertainment. If you are able to mix entertainment and teaching together, then they will learn from you and reach out. So, the number one mistake is over teaching.

Steve further advises everyone to stop lying to yourself, stop lying to other people, be ok with being imperfect. Most people have the fear of judgement. People will judge you regardless, but people love authenticity. 

Steve's Valuable Free Action (VFA):

Come up with your 5-core stories, and one example from it would be the 'value' story. Come up with a short story that lets people understand that instead of saying "you can trust me."

If you can mix entertainment and teaching together, and get them to learn one thing from you, then they will reach out to you" – Steve Werner

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