October 12

Secrets of scaling your service-based business without sacrificing clients’ results – in Just 7 Minutes with Jane Sagalovich

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Avoiding trying to give from an 'empty cup'
  • How to define a good online course
  • Having the right business model


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Jane Sagalovich, CFA is the Chief Strategist and Founder of Scale Your Genius. On a mission to Rid the World of Crappy Online Courses. Jane inspires and guides people whose work makes a positive difference to play full out with their wisdom and expertise and create offerings in full alignment with their vision and goals and in integrity with their skill level and reputation.

She has helped hundreds of experts create their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease. Originally from Ukraine, she now loves living the American Dream in Colorado where she gets to play in the beautiful Rocky Mountains surrounded by family and friends... and scheming her next international adventure

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Jane has shared with us that she loves working the most with those in the 'helping' professions such as therapists, lawyers, dieticians, or people who make a difference to their clients. They have so much wisdom to give but slightly struggle in their current business model. These folks felt like they're stuck in a bubble with their expertise or they're trying to give from an empty cup.  They're not earning much money or their work takes so much time that they are sacrificing their own self-care, therefore it's not allowing them to service big. When you start to ask yourself "I know there's more; I can't believe that's all there is with all my education. How can this be all of it" then this is someone that Jane usually helps out. Even people in the expertise sees a lot of unqualified people coming into the coaching space, and doing things they shouldn't be doing. A lot of them see the online courses as the potential next step for them. So, they take their expertise, they create digital video and just put it out there. But then, the thing doesn’t sell. And the few that do sell don't actually get the results that they want. Jane wants to tell everyone that "You deserve to play a better game. You deserve to have a business you love. You deserve to earn a lot more money from your expertise and wisdom. And it's not that hard to get there." She further added that there will always be a model that works for someone's particular situation that is scalable. 

Jane’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Super simple: understand that a good online course or program is actually a combination of those digital courses and some form of high-tech support. When you envision the result that you want your program or course to create for your clients, then give some thought to how much or what kind of support will enhance that process, experience and results. It can be one-on-one support, group support, or any support that goes beyond the digital experience and also not just a Facebook group.

Understand that a good online course is a combination of digital courses and some form of high-tech support" – Jane Sagalovich 

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