May 3

Secrets of Grant Funding. How to Raise Capital for Just Causes – Agatha Wright

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Agatha Wright is the founder of Fluxus Haus Inc., an organization that focuses on impactful collaborations to break down barriers and support historically marginalized communities and individuals. Agatha's background in art and her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion have shaped the core values of Fluxus Haus Inc.. The organization works with a diverse and robust artist roster, collaborating partners, and both emerging and established nonprofit organizations. They strive to serve historically divested communities, recognizing the importance of addressing inequities and focusing on those who have been historically overlooked. Fluxus Haus Inc. helps clients overcome barriers to grant funding by providing personalized support, demystifying the grant application process, and emphasizing the importance of documentation and compliance.

Agatha shares some common problems faced by organizations and artists seeking grant funding. One major barrier is the lack of access to resources and knowledge required to submit compelling grant applications. Many applicants struggle with technical aspects such as internet access, administrative capabilities, and support documentation. Another challenge is understanding the different platforms and requirements in the grant world. Agatha highlights the importance of building relationships, conducting research, and demystifying the application process. She also emphasizes the need for representation, comprehensive team building, and ongoing assessments to ensure program effectiveness. Agatha's personalized approach, industry knowledge, and dedication to staying current with trends and opportunities set her apart from competitors in the grant writing field.

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