August 5

Secrets of Getting in the Door with Executive-Level Prospects – in Just 7 Minutes with Caryn Kopp

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The progression before closing sales
  • Learning to incorporate conversation
  • Applying the 5 planks of door opening success


Related Links and Resources:

Go to and you will find some useful resources. One of them is pinpointing your company's sweet spots. Most people go wide in their targeting, but Caryn recommends adding 3 additional filters to your prospecting efforts. One of them is those who are experiencing urgency, those who are willing to pay for the charge of your services, and those who would find you to be an obvious solution. If you add those 3 filters, you're more likely to contact people who are right and ready.


When Caryn Kopp was 11 years old, her neighbor who owned a franchise company told her she had a great phone voice and wondered if she’d like to try getting appointments for them. As time went on she won awards for this skill and it “opened the door,” pun intended, for her to launch her award-winning firm, Kopp Consulting where she holds the title of Chief Door Opener.

Caryn’s talent for seeing a company’s “path to the cash” has inspired her to help thousands of business leaders and sellers secure initial meetings with their most important prospects.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Caryn helps business leaders who need to get in the door at the executive level to have the first meeting with a prospect to usually discuss large engagement. They need more opportunities to close; they either don't have the time or the talent to get those opportunities to the top of their funnel. Primarily, they need more closed sales, and before that they need more opportunities, before that they need more meetings. Even before that, they need enough time to get those meetings on the calendar. That's usually the progression. When people aren't getting enough meetings as they often should, there's one or more problems with door opening success. The right target, the right sales message. The marketing message and the sales message are not the same thing. They need to have right answers to any objections, so that they can move forward towards the meeting. They need to have the right person doing the work. Then having the right execution; are you people spending enough time in getting those doors open? Those are the 5 planks of door opening success. Any one of those planks is missing, the doors may not open. 

Caryn’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): She says that one should learn to incorporate conversation when they do their prospecting outreach. LinkedIn, Phone and email in combination to the right person is what usually leads to the meeting, one-on-one communication.

They need to incorporate conversation into their prospecting outreach" – Caryn Kopp

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