August 9

Reinventing Insurance for Travelers and Expats – Andrew Jernigan

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What you need to know about our guest:

Andrew Jernigan has lived/worked across five continents over the last twenty-five years, as single, married, and with his family. Serving as CEO of Insured Nomads, he leads the direction and vision for insurance as a service (IaaS) through a hybrid fintech/insurtech/traveltech platform for the globally mobile – whether vacationing, able to work from anywhere short term or long term, digital nomad, retiree, student or expat – they’ve got the coverage that is needed for this lifestyle. Insured Nomads, the evolution of insurance for the revolution of travel.

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The Question Andrew Enjoys Explaining:

"What is even more dangerous for travelers than the health and safety concerns of traveling for work, pleasure and exploration?"


We're in a scenario in the world right now where there between 45 and 50 million people are affected by human slavery today. And that's it's occurring in every continent. I mean, every country, every city and every town is affected.

We're striving for a world where people and the planet function in harmony, a world where no one is for sale.

A lot of money comes through the hands of insurance companies and all of our team there to provide great coverage, but also to give a fortune away to those who need assistance in coming out of a vulnerable or exploited situation that leads to human traffic.

“I think linking your HR strategic plan with your business strategy is a critical component and pays for itself financially when you do it right." – Dr. Janet L. Walsh 

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