May 16

Meaning Behind the Marketing – Ryan Green

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What you need to know about our guest:

Ryan Green is the co-founder and CEO of Iron Light, a full-service marketing agency that empowers purpose-driven brands to change the world. His extensive agency experience includes co-founding Firebone, an integrated design and marketing firm, and serving as the Chief Operating Officer at RR&A, a management, marketing and fundraising firm. His award-winning work spans from cause-based organizations to Fortune 100 companies.

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The Question Ryan Likes To Explain:

"Can you tell us about the revenue, talent, recruitment, and retention? Also, how did you grow your staff so quickly and attract such good talent?"


The revenue in 2018, we were under half a million and this year (2022) we'll probably end up doing around 70.

And then in terms of recruiting and retaining talent my job as CEO has mostly evolved into recruiting. Not only recruiting talent, but also recruiting clients. Obviously I do a lot of selling, but I'm always out meeting and talking to folks as often as possible and always on the hunt for tops.

And the retention piece has actually been fairly easy because we've really focused strongly on the culture at island. And also the type of work we do, people find it extremely rewarding. And our employees seem to enjoy that.

“The biggest difference between Iron Light and our competitors is that our team does not come from government. We are just a group of marketers who wanted to unite and try to make a difference in a space that is typically controlled by the usual suspects." – Ryan Green

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