April 26

Leverage the Power of Voice to Build Your Brand and Your Business – David Wolf

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Show Notes:

David Wolf is the owner of Audivita Studios, a company that helps people connect their voices to the world. David has spent years as a music composer and producer of audio content for radio, TV, film, podcast, audiobooks and other multimedia.

Audivita Studios provides services to help publishers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders to grow their brands and businesses using podcasts and audiobooks. Audivita Studios has two legs to their business: audiobook production and distribution, and podcast production.

The client avatar is broad, ranging from financial services to mental health to nonprofits. The team consists of five members, two dozen freelance editors, producers, and salespeople, two casting directors, and one business development person.

The problem Audivita solves for their clients is that they strip away the difficulty of understanding and mastering the technology requirements for audiobook production and distribution. For authors, Audivita offers a remote studio environment and a fixed price model, and for fiction works, they cast the right voice for the book. For podcasters, Audivita offers the white glove approach, helping them create a podcast that is deliverable every week and distributed widely.

He encourages potential customers to contact him via email and offers a 10% reduction in fees if they mention Bill's podcast.

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