March 15

Leaders Do It & Be It! – in Just 7 Minutes with Carrie Benedet

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Understanding people that surrounds us
  • The metaphor of writing things down
  • What would you do if you know you could not fail?


Related Links and Resources:

Carrie got this "Nine Ways to be Human-centered Leaders" for the next decade, for 2030 That's easily found at Carrie's website at Another thing you can do also is email Carrie at [email protected]. They're really looking for skillsets and mindsets for 2030. It is something that you can use as a tool to talk with your team.


Carrie Benedet has 24 years of industry experience in creating, leading and hosting leadership experiences, programs and courses.

She is a global leadership coach, dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker who shares her belief and passion for developing future leaders and teams. Carrie has a global conference presence and podcast, Thriving Matters, where ordinary ‘gals and guys’ doing extra-ordinary things in life and work share their thriving habits and stories.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Carrie ideally likes to work with curious educators and leaders who are really seekers and servants. We're surrounded by people, we work with people, our relationships are mostly with people, and sometimes they are the biggest pain of our existence because we just don't understand them.

If they want to continue to get to know the people that they're working with so they can lead them better, within some period, they will feel burnout, stress, overwhelmed, etc. and that's taking a bit of toll. And there are some of those who want to lead but never get the opportunity because they might not look the part. They don't want to be seen of not able to do the job or an impostor. And we should understand that working together is a good way to collaborate and come up with more solutions. Working with other people helps us learn about how they see the world and why they see it the way they do.

If you start to wonder "what would you do if you knew you could not fail?" well basically is the aspirational view. What are you so scared of or what keeps you locking yourself in? That's stopping you from being limitless in your imagination, creativity, and the way you connect your relationships. If leaders and educators would use that as a question, if they want to look into the future, that's the question they need to ask themselves. It will then open the pandora's box! 

Carrie’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get your thoughts down; start with what you know of your strengths, then what areas you wanted to develop. The metaphor of writing it down will lead you to be able to say "I can't do this alone and I need someone to walk with me." Surround yourself with someone you can trust and you can work with.

They don't realize that working together doesn't mean you're weak, but working together we can collaborate and come up with more solutions." – Carrie Benedet 

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