December 7

Is your business giving you the life you want? – in Just 7 Minutes with John Nieuwenburg

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Common problems: time, team, and money
  • Why business owners need to make effort in recruiting
  • Knowing the two dimensions of money


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John Nieuwenburg, is an award-winning Business Coach, who has worked with hundreds of clients. He coaches in 3 primary areas. Business: getting things done using proven tools, strategies and techniques to grow your business. Personal Growth: working with you in areas such as decision making, leadership, delegation and time management. Accountability: helping you to stay accountable for the results you have chosen.

In an earlier life, John was the President of the BC Liquor Stores that today does about $3Bn of which about $1Bn is profit.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

John has shared with us that he has one or two types of ideal clients; professional advisors in small-ish firms, or someone who has a craft, construction, or trade type of business. This covers all those professionals from those industries and also including business coaches. The common problems they face are around time, team, and money. When they start to tell themselves "I got so much to do and I can't get everything done. If I don't do it, it won't get done", they need to reach out to John. It's about getting the people to work and also getting the culture you want. And money has two dimensions; one side of it is getting proper accounting, metrics, key performance, or indicators so that you can measure results. While the other side of money would be "I need more money. I need better sales and marketing."

These folks may even feel like they're the only air traffic controller at the airport, meaning if they even take a break to the bathroom, they will think that planes will crash. They really felt that it's all on them, the responsibility. John would even ask his clients "If you can start your business from scratch, how many of your present people would you rehire?" and the most common answer is only around 50%. So many business owners don't put much effort into recruiting as they would, or they should. Then they end up recruiting on the side of their desk or just kind of an afterthought. Presently, that system isn’t going to work anymore. And most business owners haven't really worked with professional CFO's or someone who understands their financial status. Therefore, there's a gap between what they need to what is being offered to them by the accounting professional.

John would like to remind us that information is cheap, execution is hard. If giving you the information gives you the tool you need, that's awesome. But a lot of times people need help on how to implement. Then you can go to and it will take you to my calendar and let's have a short 15-minute chat to see if I can help you. 

John’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): If you want to have help with the free resource I gave, then maybe we should talk.

Right now, it's easy to get customers than it is to get team members to run the team" – John Nieuwenburg 

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