August 31

Increasing Tax-free Dollars at Speed via web 3.0 Enabled Claims – Sir Jamieson Slough

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What you need to know about our guest:

Sir Jamieson Slough has over 25 years of global experience as a successful military leader (USMC, Major), serial entrepreneur and business leader. Jamieson is among the new breed of emerging social entrepreneurs who are using approaches from the commercial world and employing technology to tackle social problems. Today he is leveraging his vast global experience and technology domain expertise to bring to the U.S. military community (active, guard, veterans) transformative health and wealth solutions. 

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The Question Jay Enjoys Explaining:

"At the end of the day, what's it mean to veterans?"


We help veterans in a number of different ways. The veteran wins, the attorney wins, and the so-called investor would win. Right. We, we know dollars put in and dollars coming out. We can leverage those back and forth to ensure it's an advantage for everyone across the board.

And we're not taking advantage of anyone from a veteran's perspective, but the attorney needs to get paid for their services. For sure. And then any investment that comes in needs a return on their investment.

“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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