January 7

How your success is linked to your self-worth – in Just 7 Minutes with Rebecca Davison

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Moving to your own full-time employment
  • The power of using your imagination
  • Why ego is not a bad thing


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The gift is to actually extrapolate out that I'm using your imagination process, which is super fun, right? Like we all like to daydream or go into that place, but I'm literally the person who can help you go from that place of imagining it to creating it as a reality. It's on my website, it's www.rebeccadavison.life  


A previous banker turned spiritual coach and intuition expert, Rebecca Davison has done over 5000 energy clearing sessions over the last 8 years, helping people to identify at the deepest levels what is holding them back from experiencing the levels of success and fulfilment that they desire.

Rebecca hosts her own radio show and has a podcast called Find Your Bliss. As the founder of the Intuitive Life Academy her mission is to help those who are helping others to grow and evolve, to be profitable, not just in their business but also the rest of their lives, so they experience high levels of fulfilment and satisfaction as well as healthy financial gains.

Based in New Zealand, Rebecca connects online with people from all over the world running group coaching programs and overseas retreats while also speaking internationally.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:03 Rebecca’s ideal Client: I always work with heart-centered and soul-focused entrepreneurs but I usually have two; one is you are a person who is looking to leave full-time employment and stick to be a coach full-time and really creating the profit that's required to go with that. But I also work with another ideal client which is somebody who is quite established in the business but they're kind of feeling decreased satisfaction and fulfillment. They're a little bit like "what's next? I feel like I accomplished a lot but I don't know what's beyond this."

2:52 Problem Rebecca helps solve: Usually people who just want to move into their own full-time employment, to let go of fear and scarcity. So, it can step in to matching the energy and their vibration and their mindset with their ideal outcome. If you don't believe you're not ready to create it. That is for that ideal client. The other person, they're probably looking for greater levels of enlightenment, and really wanting to move beyond listening to their ego and moving into hearing their soul because your soul is always going to bring you that gradual level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

3:46 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Rebecca: The people who are want to step in, they're probably feeling doubtful, scared, frustrated, grinding the gears, or spinning their wheels. You're going to be feeling like "can I actually do this? Do I have the confidence to do it?" maybe some imposter syndrome. On the other hand of that other end, the ideal client might be in a circumstance where they are like "is this as good as it gets? I've achieved so much and I still don't feel that level of fulfillment that I've been seeking". So, they are really probably looking to develop this spiritual world more, even though they might not know that at the time.

4:43 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Rebecca and her solution: The mistakes they would make is not getting help to start with; like when you're starting a business, you need support, you need accountability, a high-level accountability is going to get you results. And the beautiful thing about doing energy work or nurturing work is that there's no hiding. So, you know how there's often the sub-teams, we always look at that. There's no kind of going on "fine" and then your energy is totally off. We actually look at all of that. So, no denial, there's no like hiding behind something. It's like, if you're procrastinating, why are you procrastinating? What's going on for you? So, let's shift back so we can get you back into flow. For people who are kind of feeling to satisfied etc., it can be a really frightening place to be, right? Because it's like I've achieved so much, but what is there next? And that is really where we want to move into greater levels of self-actualization and experience which is definitely beyond the rational mind. We're really getting into that place of understanding that there's always more and your intuition can guide you and show you and bring you into the bench. But the mistakes that people make is not getting help thinking that they can do it themselves, reading a book rather than being in the energy of accountability. Because of course, we are very good as humans at avoiding what we don't want to look at. And when you have somebody in front of you, who's saying that "you're not looking at this" then it gives us that opportunity to go, "okay, what's going on that you are avoiding it" so we can actually break through to a greater level of freedom.

6:37 Rebecca’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): On both circumstances, it may sound a little unusual, but it's actually really powerful, and that is to start using your imagination to solve your problems. So, this is what Einstein did, right? When he would daydream, he would sit down and he would just allow himself to go into a different space where he was allowing information to come in. Taking the opportunity to go if this is what the problem is, if I was using my imagination or my awareness, because your imagination is the gateway to your intuition. If I was using my imagination, what could I imagine that the outcome might be, or that the solution to this problem might be. What does that feel like? Because often when we're stuck, our energy is very contracted. And when we want to go into the solution, we go back into expansion. We're like, "AH!" you know, that relief, I found the solution to the problem. Start using your imagination to see the ideal outcome and then maybe doing a little bit of reverse engineering to go "okay, if they've gotten to that end result, what action steps have they possibly taken to get there?"

7:53 Rebecca’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): The gift is to actually extrapolate out that I'm using your imagination process, which is super fun, right? Like we all like to daydream or go into that place, but I'm literally the person who can help you go from that place of imagining it to creating it as a reality. So, using a process that's called 'activating your future self'; you use your imagination to go through, but you get guided so you know where to focus your attention on what it is that you're looking to create. Whether that's, you know, an ideal outcome for your business, what it looks like in two years’ time from now, how you're going to feel, what even down to, what are you going to be wearing? What conversations are you going to be having? If you're using your imagination to start thinking about those things, it'll be activating a feeling and the feeling is what we want to experience. We get to double depth essentially by experiencing it now and being, sitting off the process of creation. It's on my website, it's rebeccadavison.life

9:07 What's the fastest way to transition suffering and move into happiness? And very simply, that is to learn how to move or ascend beyond your ego and enter your soul. Everybody has an ego, it's not inherently a bad thing. It's just a reflex that has kind of really come from a process of evolution. But what the ego does is it keeps you safe, but it keeps you small. We all know if we want to have a bigger life and experience big dreams, we need to learn what it is to move beyond our comfort zone. And a big part of that process is to move beyond your ego. A lot of people don't think that it's possible to love and a permanent state of peace or calm or blessedness. People just kind of take it for granted that's a fantasy, but I'm telling you right now, it's totally possible, but you have to learn how to transcend your ego, to be able to create it. If you're prepared to put the effort in it's well worth it in terms of what you can create and your intuition is the way to do that.

We all know if we want to have a bigger life and experience big dreams, we need to learn what it is to move beyond our comfort zone" – Rebecca Davison

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