March 31

How to Write a Good Story that Sells – in Just 7 Minutes with Adil Amarsi

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Figuring out your personal-based story
  • When to ask for help and not solve things on your own always
  • Knowing the answer of "why do you love what you do?"


Related Links and Resources:

Go to and Adil is sharing his storytelling matrix which will reveal how to find your core story or find your narrative story for your content and then use this for content creation or writing copy for understanding people.


Adil Amarsi is a business and copy consultant, podcaster, and offer creation strategist as well as a blogger and writer. Having been a professional direct response, story-based copywriter for over 13 years, Adil amassed an incredible $821 Million (and counting) in sales from his copy and advice alone.

Unlike other copywriters out there, Adil verbalizes copy on the fly as he's spent nearly 2 decades unknowingly honing his craft. After a personal tragedy, Adil left writing for clients and is a full-time consultant and a writer for

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Adil helps businesses find their personal-based story; everyone has one but he believes that they are having difficulty getting it out from themselves. And if they already got it, they don't know exactly what to do with it. Adil says that people make mistakes when they try to do things on their own and they might end up reading the wrong books or wrong process. They try to look for answers externally not internally. Adil tries to help them avoid chasing the wrong thing.

Adil’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): He advises everyone to look at yourself and ask "Why did I do what I do today? What's the driving force that put me here in this place?". Try to know why you love what you do, why are still doing it, and why are you enjoying it. Figure out the big milestones from where you are now from the point of no return previously.

The mistakes people do quite a lot is that they're trying to take it alone the entire way; there's a time for instruction, there's a time for application" – Adil Amarsi

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