November 30

How to win the SaaS start up game – Chris Marentis

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, Bill Prater interviews Chris Marentis, a SaaS executive coach and the creator of the transformative stage coaching framework. Chris has been instrumental in shaping the digital world for nearly a decade and a half. He walks us through his career journey as a founder and CEO of several successful SaaS companies, including AOL and Surefire Local.

Chris shares his insights on the challenges SaaS start-ups face in competitive global markets, talking about aspects of funding, the complexity of the macro environment, and growth stages which he relates to a case study of a client. He emphasizes the importance of having a coach who understands SaaS metrics and how to interpret data to navigate growth effectively.

Chris's coaching model, EDGE (Efficiency, Drive, Goals, Empowerment), helps entrepreneurs focus on key areas for success. Lastly, he discusses his vision for the future as a business coach.

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