November 11

How to Win Corporate Clients – in Just 7 Minutes with Angelique Rewers

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to avoid having the wrong conversations with your prospect clients
  • Learn the concept of 'bridge strategy'
  • The right way to influence the decision makers


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Now the name of the game is all about 'influence', how are you influencing these decision makers at the top, that's what this tool is all about. It's at  there are four resources there.


As CEO and founder of The Corporate Agent, Angelique Rewers has been called, "The undisputed champion at helping small businesses landing big clients by Inc. Magazine.

Today, The Corporate Agent's clients are landing deals with iconic brands like Facebook, Google, Delta and McDonald's - as well as organizations in the mid-market, higher education, nonprofit and government sectors.

Angelique is regularly called upon by top media outlets to share her expertise, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, The Washington Post, HuffPost, Newsday, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Leader, and more. She is also a regular panelist on Yahoo! Finance's TV show, YFi PM.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:19 Angelique’s ideal Client: CEOs and Owners of service-based businesses that want more corporate customers that stay with them longer.

2:36 Problem Angelique helps solve: When you're trying to win corporate customers or clients there are three problems; you don't have enough decision makers to talk to, they do not want to talk to you and when you are talking to them, you are having the wrong conversations. You're alienating them and talking to them like sales people vs the humans that they are. So those are the three problems that we solve. Having not enough decision makers to talk to, getting them to actually want to talk to you and having the right conversations when you win those coveted meetings.

3:19 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Angelique: The biggest thing that we see is that folks are out there doing a lot of marketing these days but those marketing efforts isn't actually landing them the meetings, or their sales team gets that meeting and it doesn't go anywhere. At the end of the day, it's actually pretty easy these days to get visibility. Visibility is the easy part of it, it's what you will do once you get that visibility. Why isn't it converting into conversations that go anywhere or they're having great conversation that are bringing 'zero' revenue. Those are typically what's coming up for people.

4:11 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Angelique and her solution: Well, it's a big difference if you're trying to get into it all by yourself as a solo expert or consultant vs a more established company. But I know who your audience is, so I'll take the ladder for that question. One of the big problems is that people don't understand what tool, tactic, or strategy they should be using at any given time. They're constantly misreading where they are in the relationship with the organization. They might be trying to sell when actually they're not even at a point of knowing what the problem is. So now they're poking the decision makers with the stick asking "does that hurt? Well how about that, does that hurt.. or maybe this hurt so now, maybe we can sell you over here.. ". And almost all of the strategies that are taught in sales training or sales skills & development, all of it is actually designed to alienate the decision maker. And so, it doesn't work at all. And they're using the wrong tool at the wrong time and they're pushing the decision makers to actually want to avoid them in the future instead of picking up the phone when they call.

5:26 Angelique’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Is to design a 'bridge strategy'; a strategy that's actually going to buy you time with those critical decision makers that are starve for time or out of mental bandwidth, and who are looking down the barrel of interdependencies that are quite complex in their organization. How do you actually create a strategy that's designed to get them to want to meet with you when they don't yet think that they need your product or service. That's a bridge strategy because it buys you time with those critical decision makers. So, I highly encourage you to look at how you and your team can create a reason why a decision maker wants to spend 60 minutes with you that is not a sales pitch and it's actually designed to build rapport, credibility, and to get them actually talking to you.

6:30 Angelique’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Now the name of the game is all about 'influence', how are you influencing these decision makers at the top, that's what this tool is all about. It's at, there are four resources there. A lot of the resources are going to be designed for those of you who are smaller business. But if you're a larger business, download it, grab it, and reach out to us. Some of our clients earn over 200 million dollars a year, some of these tools may or may not be a fit.

7:14 How can I avoid my sales team wasting time on 'go nowhere proposals'? Define a process for how your clients are going to buy from you. Teach every single member of your team who ever sells to say the words "I'm so thrilled that you're interested in possibly working with us. Let me explain to you on what our process is to ensure that you get the same results as our best clients."

Visibility is the easy part of it; it's what you will do once you get that visibility" – Angelique Rewers

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