November 21

How to use the Iterative Mindset Method™ to positively shape your company culture – Kyra Bobinet

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, Bill Prater interviews Kyra Bobinet, the CEO and founder of Fresh Tri. Fresh Tri is a software platform for health improvement at companies, providing personalized plans for employees to change their habits and address chronic illnesses. The aim is to make people healthier, leading to increased productivity and better lives.

The problem that Fresh Tri solves is the rising healthcare costs faced by employers. About 20% of employees drive 80% of healthcare costs, and simply increasing medical interventions is not a sustainable solution. By focusing on improving employee health, costs can be mitigated and the right use of healthcare resources can be achieved.

Kyra explains that healthcare costs are the number two expense for CFOs, and the cost is projected to reach about 20% of GDP by 2030. To deliver their services, Fresh Tri operates as a B2B company, working closely with clients like Walmart. They license their software to the company and then target employees through internal channels and social media. Health coaching is provided at a scalable level, and their pricing model is competitive in the market.

Overall, Fresh Tri aims to positively shape company culture by using an iterative mindset method to improve employee health and reduce healthcare costs.

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