August 19

How to Use Self-Coaching to Clarify and Achieve Goals – in Just 7 Minutes with Dr. Sarah E. Brown

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Importance of getting clear of your goals
  • Getting clarity by working out with someone else
  • Knowing what is "self-coaching"


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After a 30+ year career in Corporate America, most recently as Managing Director with Accenture, Dr. Sarah E. Brown retired to focus on helping mid-career professional women gain clarity on business and career goals, and develop the confidence and support needed to achieve them. Her method is called Self-Coaching. She has a Phd. in Pyschoeducational Processes (combination of group psychology and adult learning) and 20+ years of Talent Management Experience.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Dr. Sarah working with female solopreneur or even a woman who's thinking of being a solopreneur. She tries to help them have clarification about their goals, getting the confidence and commitment to actually achieving it. These folks might feel stuck or not happy with what they're doing right now. They know that there could be something better but afraid to take the initial step to achieve it. Perhaps they already took that first step but then they already face that first roadblock and they start to feel frustrated. The reality is, most of this stuff we cannot work out on our own. Dr. Sarah then shared an interesting story about Abraham Lincoln during the interview to give an example. The point is, Lincoln got his clarity and commitment by actually working it out with his friend on the emancipation proclamation. Dr. Sarah tells us that self-coaching is actually getting clarity on your goals, working around obstacles, doing 'smart' actions, and getting the support or mentorship to actually achieve them. 

Dr. Sarah’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Try talking to someone about your goals; so that you can get clarity about it yourself and so that it will become uniquely yours.

That is the mistake; trying to solve problems by themselves" – Dr. Sarah E. Brown 

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