February 8

How to Use Publicity to SKYROCKET YOUR BRAND, Build Your Dream Audience and Generate More Sales – in Just 7 Minutes with Chris Winfield

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Turning your 'FOMO' into a fuel
  • Why it's your moral responsibility to get your message out
  • Why their tagline is "PR done differently"


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Chris Winfield is affectionately known as "The Super Connector". He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Super Connector Media and creator of The Super Connector Method.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Chris told us that their absolute clients would be coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts who considered themselves as best kept secret; and they know that they can do so much more in terms of their visibility. So, these folks are facing the problem of not knowing how they can send out their message out there and build their brand. They don't have a clear plan. Also, they don't know how to leverage the media to build their credibility, authority, and get their name in front of everyone. 

These people start to feel the feeling of "FOMO", not the Fear of Missing Out but the Miss Of Opportunity. When they see their competitors on TV or big media, they tell themselves “That should have been me", and Chris' team use that FOMO and turn that into fuel. That shows you what you're actually wanting, what you're capable of, and where you should need to go.

People wonder about their tagline "It's PR done differently" and Chris shared with us that he's grown his company through his network and PR. And then leverage the media to get multi-million clients. And then he started teaching people. It's all about being YOU; a lot of times PR agencies would tell you to be a different person but for Chris' team, they will tell you “To be the best you that you can be." Don't just share the perfect part, also your own mess. People want the real you. Try to leverage your connection. Finally, how to take PR and leverage it to get more leads or contracts. 

Chris’ Valuable Free Action (VFA):

If you're someone who's not comfortable asking for help, think about how good the feeling is when you help somebody. It's the best feeling in the world when you help someone you care about. So, don't deprive other people of that gift of helping you also. It is your responsibility to get your message out there into the media, let it reach as many people that you can actually help.

If you're somebody out there that hates asking for help, think about how good you feel when you help somebody, especially you care about. So, why are you depriving other people of that gift of helping you?" – Chris Winfield 

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