May 24

How to Up-level your Sales and Marketing with Video – in Just 7 Minutes with Christina Skillman

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The effectiveness of using the video medium
  • Understanding that humans buy using 'emotional decision/
  • Knowing that the video world is an 'ecosystem'


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Christina recommends visiting their website and from there you can set up a quick 15-minute introductory call with her


Since founding Skillman Video Group in 2005, Christina Skillman has served as CEO and Chief Creative Officer, leading a team of creative professionals that prides itself on its intellectual curiosity, grit, can-do attitude, and commitment to excellence in all forms.

As the CEO, she is responsible for the future of the agency. Making the big decisions, maintaining the big relationships, and spark the innovation for future growth.

As the Chief Creative Officer, she's responsible for managing and directing the creative team and their output.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Christina ideally would like to work with those who want to try something new & unique in the marketplace, having complex products or services, and those who have a story to tell and want to use the video medium to tell it. Some of them felt that they hit the ceiling when it comes to doing their sales and marketing, perhaps they made an ineffective video in the past or maybe no video at all. She states that people need to get to know you first for them to like you, and then they make emotional decisions about your company or brand within seconds. You must gain their trust before you can ask for money. Christine explains to us that the video world is actually an 'ecosystem', and she elaborates this in the interview. Depending on your audience and platform, that's when you need to figure out if you need a professional crew to create your video. Please don't think that just making a video is going to help you, she explains that you need to be intention, strategic, and be considerate in not providing much information too soon. Put some very basic strategy behind why you're doing what you're doing. 

Christina’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

She is providing a quick 15-minute introductory call; she wants to know what's working for you and what's not. To see if video is a good fit to help bring your marketing and your company to that next level of sales and revenue.

It doesn't really matter how great your project is if you're not first understanding the sales funnel that people need to know you & like you" – Christina Skillman 

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