June 29

How to Transform your Knowledge, Skills and Expertise into Recurring Income Using a Membership Site – in Just 7 Minutes with Veena Prashanth

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How can you monetize using a membership website
  • How a membership site can be of good use even if you are just using it to deliver your freebies
  • Having a short-list before deciding which membership site platform to use


Related Links and Resources:

Go to their website https://digitalaccesspass.com/worksheet. Read that first, then download the freebie worksheet.


Veena Prashanth is the co-founder and co-developer of DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP),  a premium Membership Plugin for WordPress, founder of one of the most powerful and customizable shopping cart platform for WordPress called SmartPayCart (SPC), and the creator of MembershipSiteLab  where she teaches people how to generate steady, passive income from a membership site!

She is also the author of an Amazon Best Selling Book called "Upsells Unleashed". She launched DAP back in 2008. Since then generated millions of dollars in revenue from DAP and our other plugins.

To quote Veena: “The secret to our success is that we love our customers & we truly care about their success. We continually evolve and improve our products based on customer feedback and the changing needs of the marketplace.”

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:03 Veena’s ideal Client: My ideal client is anyone who's looking to monetize their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise and generate a recurring revenue stream and using a membership website. Anyone who knows what they want, who's really good at what they want, can create a consistent content in whatever it is that they are good at, and are willing to put in the work and not give up when it doesn't work the first time they try something.

2:47 Problem Veena helps solve: If you have done your niche research, and you know that you have this great idea for a membership website, and you know there is an audience for it. What you are confused about is that you don't know how go about monetizing it, you don't know how to deliver your content online, you don't know how to secure your content, how to protect it, how to integrate it with  payment processors, how to accept payments online. Basically, everything from strategy to planning to actual implementation of a membership site. If you need help of any of that, that's what we do.

3:45 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Veena: I would say overwhelmed and just stressed. Because when you hear the word 'membership' people just assume that they have to create tons and tons of content, and they start wondering if they can continue to create a content on an ongoing basis consistently. And number two, can we deal with the tech because membership sites as you know, you need to use membership software, and some other tools and platforms to deliver your content to secure it. So, they worry about the tech part especially people that are not techy. And the third thing is, there are so many options online, when you ask around, everyone has a different opinion on what software or platform to use. What's good for one person may not be good for you. So how do you decide what's the right platform that you can go with, so that you don't have to keep switching because it didn't work out for you. So, how do you decide.

5:07 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Veena and her solution: Well number one when it comes to membership sites, they think that they have to create all of the content upfront. What I've seen people do is restart into doing the creation mode. First is research, they do none stop for many months and there's really no don't need to do it. Because there is no such thing as a perfect platform. You got to figure out what it is that you really need and want, your top list. It cannot be every single thing on my list that has to do it. You cannot find a platform like that. So, shortlist; what is it that's in your must-have list. And then contact your top 3 or 4 people that you have shortlisted in your membership platform or plugin list. And contact them to figure out if they can support what you really need. If yes, then go to your nice-to-have list, and then see if they can support it. And also see, are they responding to you in a timely fashion; what kind of answers are you getting from them to make your own decision based on your comfort level. Also, no one is joining your membership because you have 50-100 videos in your membership site. No one cares of the amount of content you have. Is it going to solve the problem that they are coming to you? You are the expert, so there is no need to hold on your content for months and months, get it out there. So, create more than you consume but, it's more important to release what you create, don't hold on to it.

7:09 Veena’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): It's really easy; membership sites. Because it has the word 'membership' in it. People think that they have to have something where they are producing or releasing ongoing content so they can charge a membership or recurring fee for it. But subscriptions are just one application of a membership site. A membership site can be use even if you are just using it to deliver your freebies. That's how I start all of my membership sites because I'm not waiting. I know what is the problem that I'm trying to solve, I started off by creating a really short either a video training or just a worksheet. And I deliver it from a membership site. The reason that I recommend you should start with something small is because, it will get you out of your 'how do I use this platform, how do I use the software, what is my member experience going to be like?' because even though it's a free product, you're still using all of the features of a membership platform to deliver it. You will get used to the whole membership site experience yourself and your customers will get used to it too. So now when you will try to add your paid product, whether it's a one-off product, an online course, training or a membership, it's really easy because it's more of the same. But a freebie you are generating a registration form and putting that in your opt-in page. For a paid product, you are creating a payment button and you're setting you billing cycle. Otherwise, it's exactly the same process when it comes to securing and delivering your content.

9:07 Veena’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR):

They can go to our website, digitalaccesspass.com/worksheet, exactly what I talked about in terms of creative freebie. You will see the worksheet as a really simple worksheet, nothing fancy. It will help you with the planning part of your membership site. And there is an article on that page, you should read that because there I expand whatever I just told you. Read that first, download the freebie and then decide what membership platform or software you want use, and use that planning worksheet to start implementing it. Just because you have a plan, don’t try to implement every single thing on your plan.

10:02 What's the best way to learn? The best way you can learn is by doing it. You can read all you want, you can consume all the content, you can watch hundreds of YouTube videos. The best you can learn is actually by executing, by actually doing it. So, whatever you have learned, whatever you have created, start releasing it, don't wait because if you are going to wait, it might be too late, there might be someone else that beats you to it. My best advice is to keep it small, keep it simple, don't complicate your requirements, and just get it out there.

"My best advice is to keep it small, keep it simple, don't complicate your requirements, and just get it out there" – Veena Prashanth        

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