October 19

How To Talk (and Write) About Your Business Easily & Authentically – in Just 7 Minutes with Helen Tremethick

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to know if you're in that 'alignment' or not
  • The mistakes of trying to be hyper independent
  • Importance of writing a manifesto


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I interviewed 30 other entrepreneurs and I asked them how did they grow their business while being more themselves or while leaning into who they are. They answered by audio, they answered by video, or they answered by written. So, I have these 31 (including myself) resources that answers those questions. If you're looking for inspiration and ideas, go to www.helentremethick.com/moreplease  


Helen Tremethick is a thought partner & co-conspirator for badass entrepreneurs (and those who want to be). Helen uses a unique methodology called Love & Badassery that helps business owners find the courage, confidence, and clarity they need to show up wholly in their businesses. Since 2011, she has worked with hundreds of business owners to clarify their messaging, copy, business models, and transform their self-confidence while doing so. To find out more about Helen, check out helentremethick.com 

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Helen told us that she likes working with visionary entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers who are feeling like they lost something of themselves in their business. She helps them rejuvenate or bring that life back into their business and she does that through 1 on 1 coaching and group coaching. The lack of alignment can look like how we run business on the inside as to what we sell, how we hire, who we serve, etc. It can also be how we talk about business; does it feel like ourselves, does our methodology flow properly, and so on. Even their website, does it really represent them and resonates with their ideal audience. This is something that she tackles with her clients.

When someone is feeling the lack of alignment, they feel insecure about making small or big decisions. Also, the question of who you are attracting, is that feeling working well for you? Helen says that one of the problems she sees that people go through is when they try to be hyper independent or they're trying to figure it out, but then ending up just chasing their own tail or just making the same mistakes again. They then try to fit themselves to these carefully prescribed recipes that they learn from webinars or learning from other people. So, this pendulum swings from hyper independent to hyper dependent. We need to learn how to ask for help that we can trust or someone who can understand us, then allowing them to nurture who you are, something that will work for you and your business.

To write more easily and authentically, it's all about PRACTICE; it's showing up as you are. It's writing to that one person where you would say "if I can get more of that client, that's what I want." When you create new services, you think about them. And try to read your stuff out loud, because if you're stumbling over it, then that's not you. so, try to lean who you really are. 

Helen’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): A lot of the work that I'm talking about is coming home to yourself; who are you, why do you do this work, why is it important, what values do you believe in, who are your people, and why. The activity that I will recommend for everybody is to write a manifesto; writing it is like a sneaky back door room into figuring out the words, energy, the real motivation behind your business. The bonus is that you ended up writing a lot of copy that has that element of you. It's a guiding document that can help your team get on board and even knowing if your new services are good for you.

One of the problems I see people going through is that they're trying to be hyper independent, but they end up in a cycle where they're chasing their tail or making the same mistakes over and over again" – Helen Tremethick 

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