August 18

How to Take Control if your Life – in Just 7 Minutes with Merri-jo Hillaker

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Finding your true potential
  • The importance of uncovering your 'roadblocks'
  • The mistake of "I'm right and you're wrong" mentality


Related Links and Resources:

The number one core value that I discovered was 'contribution'. Go to my website at and you can find different resources there.


Merri-jo Hillaker - attorney, mindset coach, health coach, author, and sits on numerous charitable boards. She is committed to interfering in as many peoples’ lives as possible by supporting them to break through their limiting beliefs from as early as 3 years old, many of which "they don’t know they don’t know."

As successful as she was through her thirties including being VP and General Counsel of a publicly-traded company at the young age 28, she was frustrated by some things in her life that just were not working. She refused to accept life as it was so sought to uncover her limiting beliefs, as well as understanding the full power of the mind which truly is within our control. Her #1 core value: CONTRIBUTION.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Merri-jo likes to help those people who are struggling to see their full potential; either they're failing to uncover what's stopping them or they're caught up making excuses of saying "it's not so important". Most people don't understand how their mindset really operates and she says that uncovering those hinders or roadblocks us important. Otherwise, it will impact the rest of your life. If your average day involves expressing negative emotions, then that's something that's stopping you from truly understanding how you can take back control over your own mindset. Because that's what allows us to live every day to its fullest. The common mistakes Merri-jo sees are when people start to do the "I'm right and you're wrong" mentality and that's the worst thing that you can do. Pursuing knowledge is endless. Merri-jo's core value is 'contribution' and therefore she pledges that she will go out there every single day of her life contributing. 

Merri-jo’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): When you come up with something that you don't know, then ask yourself "If I didn't know the answer, what will it be?" because a lot of us don't give ourselves credit for knowing answers within. It's a great approach to the discovery process. A lot of times if we start to ask those questions over and over again, a lot of times we start to end up in new conclusions and see something new that we never saw before.

If you don't uncover those roadblocks, it will impact the rest of your life" – Merri-jo Hillaker 

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