November 20

How to run your life as a successful startup – in Just 7 Minutes with Will Moore

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to stop struggling with your life and find your real happiness
  • Know about the ‘equation of life’ and nurture your habits
  • What’s the real definition of success


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You can go to my website: and there's actually a FREE life evaluation quiz. And you can very quickly see where you stand in each of your five cores.


Will Moore, founder of “The Momentum Movement,” is a dynamic entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and happiness expert. After exiting his delivery startup for a nine-figure sum, Will realized that true "success" is not just about finances, but nurturing and finding balance in the 5 core areas of life. He's now dedicated his life to helping others discover what these areas are and how to replace the failure habits built in each with what he calls "success habits." His main goal is to help others build momentum every day so they can fire on all cylinders on their way to becoming an unstoppable force, then pay it forward to help the rest of the world do the same.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:37 Will’s ideal Client: My ideal client is really anybody that is struggling with their life; age to me is just a number, you could be having a midlife crisis, you could be at the tail-end of your life where you're retiring and then "now what?". You could be "I hit rock bottom when I was in college", suicidal, or "what's the world all about, what am I supposed to do with myself?" because you can't keep on going this way. Anybody who's sort of like tired of hearing the same things over and over in terms of what success or what happiness should be and they're not able to find it and they're frustrated. That's exactly what I help people with.

2:32 Problem Will helps solve:  We're here for one reason: to be HAPPY. How that comes out, how that's form or in what way. Unfortunately, our society has focused on just one of those ways which is the financial and the career, which is one of my 5 cores which is important, so don't get me wrong. But to me, it's too much focus on that and it’s causing us to go off in the wrong directions and make all of our decisions based on that. On what that ends up leading to is a less satisfied, less fulfilment and less happiness.

3:27 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Will: I'd like to describe it 'I hit my rock bottom' as I said in college. A lot of people felt like they were hovering just between their rock bottom and their full potential. I think if everybody were to look into the mirror and ask themselves honestly "am I firing in all cylinders? Am I reaching my top potential in these main areas of my life like: my physical, my mindset, my relationships, my emotional help in giving back, my career, my finances? Am I waking up every day and can't wait to start the day?" of course we're all going to have good days and bad days but in general, excited to start the day. If you're not feeling that way and you're grudgingly waking up and just sort of getting through it, then am your guy.

4:33 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Will and his solution: Everything that I revolve my system around is habits; we are our habits and habits are us. I have this thing that I called "the equation of life' and basically this is your belief system + your repeated actions + time = who you will become. Unfortunately, people tend to look in the very small or not too far ahead of them, and they just focus on that low hanging fruit, and they take those things of what they think will make them happy in the short run. And they don't look at the big picture of what's really going to bring true fulfillment and happiness. So, to me, it ties to habits and that equation of life that I mentioned. It's making sure that you're shifting those bad habits that you may have developed to no fault of your own, that may have come through society, media, your parents or whatever it is. And then turning it into good habits then starting 'working for you' instead of 'against you'. Because habits don't care if they're good or bad, they're going to do their thing no matter what.

5:55 Will’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): You can go to my website: and there's actually a FREE life evaluation quiz. And you can very quickly see where you stand in each of your five cores. It'll just ask a few questions in each and it will get you thinking about "wow, I'm really weak in this area" or "I'm really strong in this area." At the end of the day you have to maintain balance and nurturing all of them, to be firing on all cylinders and be our best, happiest, most successful self. And this is a very quick way to do that.

6:42 Will’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): Pretty much the same answer to the last question and go take the free evaluation quiz. And if you take that quiz and you find "I'm weak in this area (example my physical health) like wow I've been ignoring that area but my relationships are good" or vice versa. Then I actually have a little free activity that you can do that will help you to sort of to get started in changing those failure habits into success habits.

7:22 What is the definition of success? I sold my business for 321 million dollars and I reached at the point of my life where I thought at one stage that it was all about this goal of making this money and getting there so that I can sit on the beach, drink a pina colada like everybody else. Success is just not that, that's part of it. You got to have the money, it's ok to have goals and that's fine but, are you successful in your relationships, do you have a successful mindset in terms of a growth owner, do you know that life is full of temporary obstacles waiting for solutions and you have everything within you to kick-ass and take it. Your emotional health, do you look at the big picture and not get caught up on the 'little to do's', are you sure that you're living your life passionately with the things that you love to do and corporate those things regularly, scheduling them. Are you giving back? These are just some different examples of the cores that to me, that's what success is all about.

I have this thing that I called 'the equation of life' and basically this is your belief system + your repeated actions + time = who you will become" – Will Moore 

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