October 17

How to Roll up a Really Fragmented Industry – Mark Rubenstein

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, we feature Mark Rubenstein, a champion in the hospitality industry. Mark's expertise lies in navigating the complexities of the three-tier system within the beverage industry. He shares valuable insights on how to roll up a fragmented industry and discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Mark started A Head for Profits in 2011, aiming to provide services across the supplier, wholesaler, and retail industries while complying with individual state laws. His company has become the nation's largest individual provider of beverage dispenser management system design and installation for the liquor, beer, and wine industries.

During the interview, Mark explains the three-tier system and its purpose in promoting growth and competition. Unlike other countries with a two-tier system, the three-tier system in the United States separates the retailer, supplier, and wholesaler. A Head for Profits serves all three tiers simultaneously, recognizing that success with one leads to success with all.

Mark also discusses the problems that the three-tier system creates for his constituency. Prior to the craft beer revolution, the system worked smoothly. However, with the rise of craft beer, the economics of the wholesalers changed, leading them to seek outsourcing solutions. A Head for Profits emerged as a reliable outsourcing option, providing scale and efficiency that individual wholesalers couldn't achieve on their own.

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To get in touch with Greg visit his website: https://aheadforprofits.com/

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